Promising Performance

Promising Performance

Millers Oils lifts the lid on its new emissions programme, which is designed to combat emissions-based MOT failures and restore component performance and efficiency.

‘Emissions’ has become the dirty word of the automotive industry. However, it’s not only new vehicles that must adhere to more stringent regulations. Since May 2018, MOTs have also become much stricter when it comes to what is, or isn’t, allowed out of tailpipes. Incredibly, according to statistics from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), emissions-related MOT fails have increased by an astronomical 311% for diesel cars and 72% for petrol cars since the new rules came into force.

More careful maintenance is an obvious answer, but older cars often suffer from a build-up of residues throughout the engine and fuel system that is detrimental to efficiency and isn’t shifted through traditional servicing. Millers Oils believes it has devised a solution.

“Engines suffer from all kinds of build- ups, which stop the powertrain performing as it once should. This doesn’t just impact performance, but driveability in terms of smoothness and, of course, efficiency,” explains Addison Howe, Platform Business Manager Automotive at the company. “We have developed a range of treatments designed to be used at the point of vehicle service. These complement traditional tasks such as oil and filter changes, and helping to break up restrictive deposits in the fuel system, crankcase, air intake, including inlet valves, exhaust and turbo components. While this kind of detoxification has obvious benefits in terms of restoring factory performance characteristics, it also reduces unwanted emissions.”

The range, which Millers Oils has called Emission Performance Programme (EPP), consists of eight treatments suitable for petrol or diesel. The formulations included in the range are intended as an upselling opportunity for garages, service centres and supplying factors as a chance to differentiate their business and build customer loyalty.

Millers is offering an ‘EPP promise’, whereby if a customer’s vehicle doesn’t pass its emissions test after adding the treatment, they will incur no charge, and the supplying factor will be reimbursed with replacement products.

The EPP range itself includes an Engine Flush, Petrol or Diesel System Clean and Protect, Injector Cleaners, PPF Turbo and Exhaust Cleaner, Diesel Filter Primer and DPF Turbo and Exhaust Cleaner. Each is optimised to help restore manufacturer figures.

“EPP represents an opportunity for factors to enhance their range of treatments through the provision of a programme that offers customers real results, while further boosting their reputation and encouraging customer loyalty,” concludes Howe. “Millers Oils offers training on the range of products, the benefits they offer and how best to communicate these to customers, helping to raise factors’ profiles as a knowledgeable source of information and current legislation.”

With garages facing increasing time pressure from customers seeking a fast turnaround at service and MOT time, and with a growing number of centres offering packages, EPP could enable factors to offer customers a timely boost. With MOT emissions fails becoming increasingly common and troubleshooting often being a laborious task, a smoother road to a pass could be just the ticket.

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