Mental health support approaches within the industry

Mental health support approaches within the industry

In the third part of PMF’s initial investigation into mental health, we hear from a selection of individuals within the industry, about their companies’ approaches to the topic. 

Autoelectro – Harnek Bhogal

We have always encouraged open and transparent communication to ensure we have an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, concerns, or struggles.

“Work-life balance is another huge one for us; we never expect any of our staff to take work, or work-related issues, home with them. Having a clear work-life balance allows for a more stress-free life. We have very reasonable working hours Monday to Friday and do not open on weekends, which means all of our employees have the entire weekend without worrying about work. We make sure everyone is taking breaks from their work to prevent burnout or stress. We also provide counselling support and resources for anyone dealing with personal or work-related challenges.

Comline – Ray Shabi

Through my training as a Mental Health First Aider, I have become more aware of what mental health is and how important it is to us all.

“I would almost describe this new knowledge and awareness as transformative and now hope to use within the workplace as well as in everyday life.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people and now being a Mental Health First Aider, it will allow me to do just that. I even feel that I have changed as a result too, as I now feel more comfortable with the thought of reaching out and speaking to people if I ever felt I needed support, as well as being able to help others.

DENSO – Fatiha Laauich

We have a health and wellbeing committee that organises wellbeing activities every month – these are based on different themes.

“We invite presenters on specific topics – depending on the month – such as nutrition, cancer prevention, stress management, importance of sleep.

“DENSO is part of the ‘Thrive at Work’ program, which means that we follow guidelines and criteria on promoting employees’ health and wellbeing.

“I am quite active in this domain, as I am part of this committee but also a Mental Health First Aider and trained therapist (hypnotherapist).

Kerridge Commercial Systems – Chris Bendelow-Smith

KCS is actively aiming to facilitate an environment that encourages dialogue, understanding and a proactive approach to mental well-being.

The heart of this initiative lies in its training course, empowering employees to become Mental Health First Aid Champions. These champions play a crucial role in creating a culture of understanding, empathy and open communication surrounding mental health challenges.

Chris, global talent development partner at KCS, shed light on the program’s aim: “Our collaborative approach ensures that employees have various avenues for support and guidance, further strengthening our commitment to their well-being and our inclusive company culture.

“We strongly encourage others to take part in similar programs, as they not only enhance the wellbeing of individuals but also contribute to a more compassionate and supportive work culture.”

The program equips volunteers with the knowledge and understanding of common mental health issues, the confidence to advocate for mental health awareness and the ability to spot signs of mental ill health.

For information on mental health support, visit and for information about [M]enable, click here.

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