Ferdinand Bilstein benefits from Factor Sales update

Ferdinand Bilstein benefits from Factor Sales update

Ferdinand Bilstein has praised the simplicity and depth of Factor Sales’ new Tableau dashboards, enabling the company to analyse market share and trends effectively.

In the dynamic landscape of automotive aftermarket sales, Factor Sales – powered by Pearson Ham Group – believes staying ahead of the curve requires constant monitoring and understanding of market dynamics, competitor movement and the ability to identify and capitalise.

Factor Sales is a market measurement data provider; it offers detailed reports on size, revenue and price trends across a catalogue of thousands of parts. Its services are “invaluable” to manufacturers, suppliers and motor factors, so they can understand their respective position in the ever-changing UK automotive aftermarket.

One of its trusted partners is Ferdinand Bilstein, famous for its febi bilstein, SWAG and Blue Print brands. Through close communication and analysis of transactional data, Factor Sales is playing a role in shaping the supplier’s market strategy, as reported by Ferdinand Bilstein UK Head of Product, Pricing and Marketing, Linda Evans.

Market awareness: Factor Sales provides insights beyond sales numbers; it enables companies, like Ferdinand Bilstein, to better understand market dynamics.

Linda said: “Being ‘10% up’ internally may not necessarily reflect the entire market scenario, which could be even better. This information and understanding, through simple charts, is crucial for strategic planning and resource allocation.”

Competitor analysis: Factor Sales’ role extends to identifying and scrutinising direct competition in specific product categories. It monitors competitors’ market share, trends and pinpoints areas of opportunity.

Linda said: “By doing so, we gain a competitive edge by knowing exactly who to target in the market.”

Part number focus: In the intricate world of parts, every number matters. Factor Sales aids Ferdinand Bilstein in understanding changes in market share, at part number level, identifying popular and underperforming parts. This granularity allows a targeted approach to enhance sales performance.

Part strategy: Linda emphasised the importance of this level of detail: “Factor Sales equips us with the tools to identify parts that are not performing to their full potential and allows us to put corrective actions in place.”

Enhanced experience with data download facility

Ferdinand Bilstein’s experience has been bolstered by a new data download facility, as well as subtle but important feature developments from Factor Sales.

Ferdinand Bilstein 2

Linda explained how these have been influential in her day-to-day role: “The new Tableau dashboard has transformed the way we interact with data. The visual representation is not only appealing but also eliminates the need for manual data manipulation. This efficiency allows for a quick and clear understanding of range and market performance.

“We can drill down into sub-categories of product lines effortlessly, such as filters to air filters. This allows us to identify specific areas for improvement or focus. Furthermore, the ability to select multiple product lines and various timescales in the data download feature is beneficial. This flexibility provides us with a powerful tool.

“The simplicity in presentation makes life easier for the team too.”

Pearson Ham Director, Ben Martin, said: “Factor Sales’ impact on Ferdinand Bilstein extends beyond traditional sales figures. We are delighted to be a strategic partner, providing valuable insights that support the company’s market approach and decision-making.”

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