‘Complete Confidence without the Cost’

‘Complete Confidence without the Cost’

PMF talks to Shaftec to understand how remanufacturing is not a poorer alternative when it comes to safety critical automotive parts.

Efficiently using existing materials and resources – parts which perform to the same standard as new – is a more economical way to keep many vehicles on the road. Shaftec claims to follow this principle, with its remanufactured Electric Power Steering (EPS) offer for UK motor factors and garages being suitable not only in the current climate, but long term, with the company believing that new isn’t always best when it comes to safety critical parts.

Tom Curtis, Director at Shaftec, says, “All our remanufacturing is carried out under one roof in Birmingham and supplied to our customers directly from there. This means that for our UK customers, there are no borders to cross, or import and export issues; simplifying the supply chain and meaning we can offer constant availability even under challenging conditions. We now have the space to stockpile parts and materials to see our customers through these uncertain times without it affecting their businesses.

“Operating like this, we also have complete control over our remanufacturing processes. From core acceptance and sorting, to reassembly with OE quality accessories though to testing to VM standards and reprogramming a component ready for sale – it all happens in one place.”

Shaftec upholds a stringent returns process; EPS racks will not be considered for remanufacture if integral parts such as body, pinion or mounting brackets are broken or damaged. The company insists that there are various benefits of a remanufactured OE quality part over new imports or dealer equivalents.

“At Shaftec, all EPS racks are remanufactured and reset to protect the integrity of the original engineering expertise, and to comply with VM specifications,” Tom adds.

Simon Langley from ABC Motor Factors, says, “The price of a new import unit against a remanufactured unit may – in monetary terms – be a little less. However, in terms of quality, strength and engineering expertise, the remanufactured part wins hands down.

“With regards to warranty, imports may come with a 12 month guarantee – but what that means in real terms may not be as cut and dried as it seems. If a warranty issue occurred, it would be the decision of the ‘box mover’ as to whether they honour the warranty and suck up the loss.”

Tom says, “The cost difference between a remanufactured unit and one from a dealer is significant. Although hard to put an exact price on it, it is considerably more expensive to buy a unit from a main dealer. And with the core being exactly the same, new OE-quality accessories used and VM specific tests being carried out to validate the integrity of each and every remanufactured Shaftec part, you can serve your customers, and in turn their customers, with complete confidence without the cost.”

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