How Klarius supports aftermarket with range updates

How Klarius supports aftermarket with range updates

In an ever-evolving automotive landscape teeming with a variety of makes and models, the challenge for aftermarket support is not just keeping pace but staying ahead, according to Klarius. It believes the key to success lies in a proactive and responsive approach to product development, but how can this be achieved effectively?

According to Klarius Sales Director, James Ellison, the first step in successful product development is a deep understanding of market trends. This requires dedicated specialists who continually analyse the diversity of vehicles and customer needs. By reviewing various makes and models, companies can ensure their product catalogues reflect the most current and demanded aftermarket needs. This strategic approach enables the development and launch of products at the best possible time, meeting market demands precisely when needed.

While many companies may start with a focus on local markets, expanding their vision to include global trends can provide a competitive edge. This doesn’t mean losing sight of local needs but rather integrating them into a more comprehensive understanding of global demands. Such a holistic approach ensures products on offer are relevant and available across diverse markets, reinforcing a supplier’s position as a leader in its industry.

Being first to market with new products is a significant advantage in the competitive automotive aftermarket. A high rate of new product releases can set a company apart. This rapid development cycle is key to staying on top of demand, offering the latest solutions before anyone else.

A wide product range must also meet the highest quality standards to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. Certifications and endorsements, like those from the VCA in the UK or the TÜV in Germany, are vital as they attest to stringent quality control measures and enhance trust in a company’s products.

Product development

Klarius’ products exemplifies these principles through its new-to-range program. By adhering to these strategies, Klarius not only meets but anticipates the needs of the automotive aftermarket.

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Its commitment to continuous innovation, coupled with a keen understanding of market trends and a dedication to quality, positions Klarius as a leader in the industry. Its new-to-range program showcases how aligning market analysis, global vision, rapid innovation, and quality control can lead to success in product development.

Klarius’ journey is a testament to what it takes to not just compete but excel in today’s dynamic market. By focusing on these core principles, the company ensures that your customers always have the right parts when they need them.

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