What does the febiPLUS range include?

What does the febiPLUS range include?

Pedal pad? Ignition switch? Fuel filler cap? febi has it! It boasts a range of more than 34,000 spare parts, and not only does it cover the “typical” replacement parts, febi also carries products in its febiPLUS range that are “generally only associated” with OEMs.

This febiPLUS range combines more than 2,200 specially selected articles of different product groups for current car models to provide an “alternative, value for money” repair option that otherwise would often only be available from the OEM.

The wide febiPLUS range includes:

  • Oil dipsticks and guide funnels
  • Cabin switches
  • Crankshaft ventilation parts
  • Oil pans
  • Cooling tubes and caps
  • Camshaft adjusters
  • Magnetic valves

febi reported that reliability is its signature and is evident in its consistently high product quality. Various centrally controlled quality management departments work closely together to achieve its goal.

The product release processes are also important: before introducing a new spare part into the range, detailed initial sample tests are carried out in a test laboratory at the company headquarters in Ennepetal. Dimension (accuracy of it), material and workmanship (non-destructive and destructive testing) are analysed.

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