Delphi Technologies launches Mode 2 charging cables

Delphi Technologies launches Mode 2 charging cables

Delphi Technologies has launched the Mode 2 charging cables, which connect directly to an existing electrical infrastructure, making it easier to charge a car.

Compatible with any domestic mains socket, the Mode 2 charging cables provide a safe, alternative charging option at home or away. With household mains sockets being more accessible than dedicated, purpose-bult electric vehicle chargers, the cables aim to offer peace of mind to drivers who may worry about being able to charge their vehicles.

The cables are ideal for PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) or EV drivers who have short commutes of circa 30-40 miles per day and overnight charging. Additionally, they can be stored in a luggage compartment as a backup charging option and, with the built-in Auto-Reset feature, a vehicle will be charged and ready for use when needed. The Auto-Reset provides a restart in the event of a temporary power grid fault, such as excessive voltage or a “brownout” where there is a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a certain area.

Delphi Technologies launches Mode 2 charging cables

The Delphi Technologies Charge Mode 2 Cables are in serial production at multiple major OEMs and are tested according to automotive Standards (LV124).

As with other Mode 2 charging cables, the Delphi Technologies versions utilise an In-Cable Control- and Protection Device (IC-CPD) to guarantee safe charging when connected to a household plug socket. The IC-CPD can withstand the elements and is designed to last over 10,000 mating cycles – which equates to a service life of nine years if used three times a day.

For further information, visit Charge Mode 2 Cables | Delphi Auto Parts.

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