Aisin explains its core beliefs and ethos

Aisin explains its core beliefs and ethos

PMF gets the lowdown on the Aisin Group, with an insight into its core beliefs and ethos.

Since 1978, the Aisin Group has constructed a framework to keep tracking the trends within the automotive industry. The companies within the group have sought to engage in quality research and development inside and outside of their base in Japan, and in doing so, they have built partnerships with universities and a whole host of other institutions.

To accelerate its response to a transforming society with new needs, such as those in CASE-related fields (Connectivity/Autonomous cars/Shared mobility/Electrification), Aisin claims to further strengthen its capabilities by utilising a global network. Aiming to transform into a corporate structure with high profitability, the group is currently going through a consolidation among domestic and overseas subsidiaries, with the objective of a new management integration running as of April 2021.

Aisin Seiki Co. and its subsidiary Aisin AW Co. planned to merge business operations and establish Aisin Corporation. The company’s corporate philosophy, new logo, and new brand slogan have been established as follows:

1. Aisin Group philosophy

The philosophy of the Aisin Group philosophy consists of three statements. Firstly, its mission, which poses the question “Why we exist”. Following this is the company’s vision, proposing how the company “Sees the future”. Finally, its notion of value puts forward “What we strive to give”.


The Aisin Group’s updated philosophy is based on the purpose to deliver beauty to our future earth, and to bring freedom and happiness to the world’s continual transportation. The future of Aisin is to propose concrete solutions to environmental and social challenges, to focus on the evolution of movement using clean power as the core, and to create a safe and comfortable future for everyone. The company has vowed to put its efforts into bringing more value to its colleagues – via diversity, individual contribution and growth – to its customers – by innovating in mobility and exceeding expectations – and to the future – by helping to create a more sustainable environment.

2. Logo and brand slogan

The development of the corporate logo is based on the company’s desire to achieve the following: ‘Inspiring movement, creating tomorrow’.

On top of this, Aisin’s new brand slogan – ‘We Touch the Future’ – is said to represent its ideals and determination. ‘We’ refers to the entire Aisin Group, brought together by each employee’s dreams and aspirations to help create a safe and comfortable future for everyone. ‘Touch’ indicates its intention to create a more sustainable planet, and its determination to engage with the future and help change. The slogan represents the essence of the company’s ideals and determination, and the company has vowed to continue to formulate new ideas and consider how it needs to act in order to achieve its corporate philosophy.

About Aisin

Aisin Europe Aftermarket produces parts for Japanese and Korean cars, and for brands with models that it claims set the world standard for reliability and performance. This expertise in manufacturing and design engineering has now been replicated across the European car parc, with the company extending its capacity and portfolio to reach further into Europe with the same production standards. Aisin supplies parts related to the clutch, cooling, drivetrain, engine and brake systems.

The company sees its strength in its diversity. On one hand, there is the diversity of its product range, with the growth of new lines enabling Aisin to compensate for the older lines that are experiencing a decline in demand. On the other hand is the diversity of the markets that it operates in: Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

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