Autoelectro details commitment to employee well-being

Autoelectro details commitment to employee well-being

In the fast-paced automotive aftermarket, Autoelectro advocates for a more measured approach. The remanufacturer places a premium on the mental health and well-being of its employees, dedicating itself to creating a supportive work environment.

This commitment is said to have cultivated a culture of open communication, work-life balance, and comprehensive mental health support.

Clear communication

Autoelectro champions open and transparent communication, encouraging employees to express their thoughts, concerns, or struggles without fear of judgment. This approach is designed to promote a workplace where every individual feels heard and supported.

Work-life balance

Recognising the importance of a healthy work-life balance, Autoelectro doesn’t expect its employees to take work-related issues home. With reasonable working hours from Monday to Friday and a no-weekend policy, the company says it gives staff the best chance to enjoy weekends – free from any work-related worries.

Breaks and preventing burnout

Autoelectro actively promotes breaks during working hours to prevent burnout and stress. Acknowledging the importance of mental health, the company values the well-being of its workforce and claims to encourage moments of relaxation throughout the workday.

Counselling support and resources

Autoelectro demonstrates its dedication to supporting employees by offering counselling services and resources aimed to address both personal and work-related challenges. This initiative is said to highlight the company’s commitment to providing professional assistance when needed. Employees are reportedly encouraged to utilise employee assistance initiatives to address mental health concerns, stemming from personal or work-related issues.

Additionally, Autoelectro says it creates a supportive environment through a peer support network, enabling employees to connect with others facing similar challenges.

Training for mental health awareness

It’s claimed senior employees at Autoelectro are equipped with first aid, defibrillator, and mental health awareness training. By investing in the latter, the company aims to reduce any stigma associated with mental health, increase understanding, and create a more supportive atmosphere for all employees.

Training sessions are intended to educate employees about mental health, stress management techniques, coping mechanisms, and many more. It’s about developing skills to recognise signs of mental health problems, not just for themselves, but the people around them.

Autoelectro’s Harnek Bhogal said: “Since our inception by my grandfather, Santokh Singh Bhogal, in 1986, we have proudly remained a family-owned and family-run business. As such, we take immense pride in providing a secure work environment for every member of our dedicated staff, reflecting our core values. The outstanding personnel who proudly wear the Autoelectro uniform are integral members of our family.

“Moreover, our independence from any parent organisation, private equity house, or multinational conglomerate allows us to maintain a unique, familial atmosphere and culture. Our commitment to these principles ensures a workplace where employees feel valued and cared for.”

In conclusion, Autoelectro has a holistic approach to employee well-being. By prioritising mental health, setting the foundations of a supportive culture and valuing its employees as part of the family, Autoelectro claims to create an atmosphere where individuals can thrive both professionally and personally.

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