Tried and tested

Tried and tested

Lighting specialist NightSearcher has three decades of experience under its belt. To find out what makes the company’s products different, PMF takes a look at some of its best sellers.

From the beginning of its journey, NightSearcher aimed to manufacture and supply high quality, portable rechargeable lighting solutions. Today, in its 30th year of trading, the company maintains the same goal, and this is attempted by supplying its products to the aftermarket. Here are some of its newest arrivals and best sellers that factors should be aware of.


The Micro-1000 is an ultra-compact LED work light that gives a maximum output of 1,000 lumens. Housed within a carefully designed robust casing, the Micro-1000 is not only tough, but its design allows it to rotate 360°, supposedly making difficult angles a breeze.

Not only does the user have 360° rotation at their disposal, they also have the power of a 90° flood beam. With a magnetic base and hanging hook, NightSearcher claims that the Micro-1000 is a versatile tool for any automotive inspection.

Tri-Spector Inspection Kit


The Tri-Spector 3-in-1 LED inspection light offers three quick-release options with a 360° rotating light head to suit the requirements of the user. Users have the option to switch between:

  • An 80 lumen torch with a flexible arm.
  • A foldable slim line 600 lumen inspection lamp with a 180° tilt function.
  • An additional LED directional torch, or a twist and swivel flashlight.

With just a four hour charge time and a 10 hour battery life, the company regards the Tri-Spector as both a versatile and capable inspection light. Supplied in a portable carry case, NightSearcher labels the Tri-Spector as an excellent versatile inspection solution.

Galaxy Star


The Galaxy Star is the latest addition to NightSearcher’s work light range. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, the Galaxy Star is resistant to the majority of impacts. Not limited to being robust, the beam has a 2,800 lumens output. Able to light the way up to 90 metres ahead, the light has range as well as power.

Containing a rechargeable lithium battery that contains 11 hours of run time and a battery indicator, the Galaxy Star ensures that the user is always prepared.

Light Wave


The new Light Wave rechargeable wide beam head torch allows the user to activate the light with just a wave of the hand. Its smart wave sensor allows the user to turn their head torch on and off with a simple gesture, which is ideal if they have dirty hands or gloves. Manual controls are also still available, giving high, low, and flashing options.

The Light Wave also offers 150 lumens, as well as providing a wide flood beam with a range of up to 20 metres. It’s also adaptable, with a carefully designed 180° housing to make sure that every angle is covered.

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