The right supply

The right supply

PMF discovers why Knipex’s range of pliers is said to be a favourite among garage businesses.

Knipex has been manufacturing pliers since 1882, and claims to have a set of pliers for just about any job. David Barnes, Marketing Manager for Knipex UK, looks over the company’s range of pliers, evaluating how it can help motor factors to keep their customers happy.

Ear clamp pliers

Knipex clamp pliers

Ear Clamp Pliers are ideal for mounting one-ear and two-ear clamps without leaving damage to press points. Simply pressing the ear clamp with the blunt squeezing edges creates a steadfast connection without damaging the area. The slim line head and additional side jaws allow for easy access to the ear clamp, even in confined areas. Durable and strong, these steel pliers can be used for clamps on CV boots, cooler and fuel lines, air pressure systems, and compressors.

Circlip pliers

Knipex clamp pliers

The Circlip pliers allow the user to work in the tightest spaces and at the trickiest of angles. The pliers come with either straight or angled tips at 45° or 90°, respectively, which means that technicians can reach circlips in even the most awkward places. The ‘44’ and ‘46’ numbered tools are the standard versions for internal work in boreholes and external work on shafts, respectively, while the precision versions are numbered ‘48’ and ‘49’. Precision versions have a number of extra features, such as tips made from high-density spring steel that are said to give up to 10 times longer service life compared to turned tips.

Upholstery pliers

Knipex clamp pliers

These pliers are specifically designed for the fixing of seat covers onto profiled seats, and onto the seat frame. The special groove in the tool holds the upholstery clips in the correct position so that they can be fixed securely. The pliers allow for the easy positioning of the clips, and a closing spring holds the pliers closed so that the clip can be securely positioned and pressed. The product is compatible with all upholstery clips.

Hose clamp pliers

Most conventional pliers can only be used for a specific type of clamp, meaning that technicians often have to change tools every time a new type of clamp is encountered. The Spring Hose Pliers can grip standard, space saving, and spring wire hose clamps, as well as spring band clamps in the range of 0 to 70mm. Another key feature of this product is the multiple slip joint, which allows for a maximum jaw opening of 80mm, with this enabling a clamping range of more than 40mm. Thanks to this, leverage can be achieved easily and safely without the need for great manual effort.

The 85 51 250 AF version of the pliers comes equipped with a locking device, which secures the pliers in place when the clamp is under tension. The clamp can then be moved quickly and conveniently over hoses (even when they are twisted), and ‘parked’ in a suitable place. As a result, the user’s hands are free to work simply and safely on the tensioned clamp.

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