Why motor factors should stock WAI’s Recharge range

Why motor factors should stock WAI’s Recharge range

Richard Welland, president at WAI Europe is encouraging motor factors to consider stocking the brand’s Recharge range, highlighting the benefits and advantages for professional services.

Richard said “Our Recharge portable chargers now include a three-kilowatt model tailored for professionals. Complementing the existing two-kilowatt version for motorists and leisure users, WAI offers a comprehensive suite of products catering to all electric vehicle (EV) applications, effectively addressing range anxiety by providing solutions to safely navigate to the next charging point to meet the needs of the evolving industry.”

Positioned above the WAI Recharge 2000, the Recharge 3000 specifically targets professional services, offering a three-kilowatt (kW) portable charger which is said to be ideal for vehicle recovery and hire businesses, as well as automotive electricians.

By stocking the Recharge 3000, the company claims motor factors can offer customers a reliable charger to help professional recovery services tackle roadside assistance with confidence.

Designed for heavy professional use, the Recharge 3000 has two AC outputs, along with one 24V DC and one 48V DC output, which is said to ensure versatility across various applications.

Featuring a high-quality lithium polymer battery pack with a capacity of 51.8V and 60Ah, the Recharge 3000 claims to be well-equipped to store enough charge to top up an electric vehicle’s battery, enabling drivers and passengers to reach their destination or the nearest charging station comfortably.

Richard continued: “Our Recharge 3000 is also an invaluable tool for garages and workshops servicing EV customers. It allows technicians to top up vehicles, adding extra value to customer service.

“By stocking the Recharge 3000 motor factors have the opportunity to equip workshops, garages, vehicle recovery professionals, and electricians with a versatile charging pack suitable for various jobs and situations and it provides an excellent upselling opportunity to boost sales.”

For more information, visit the WAI website.

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