Making an impact

Making an impact

It always helps to understand the complexities of new products, especially when it comes to tools. To help with this, Chicago Pneumatic presents one of its newest impact wrenches.

Responding to customers’ usage enables businesses to create far superior solutions for their client-base. This was the case with Chicago Pneumatic and its CP7755 series of premium half-inch impact wrenches. Developed in response to an in-depth usage study, the CP7755 series combines easier and more accurate power control with greater ergonomics and comfort. The company claims to now offer a unique answer to the needs of both tyre-changing and general technicians.

The company’s Product Marketing Manager for Vehicle Service – Air Tools, Antoine Tourneux, was able to shed some light on the new development: “Our latest solution enables professionals to set and finely adjust power and speed, quickly and simply, to suit each specific vehicle type and application. Along with better power control, these pneumatic tools bring other improvements to users’ daily operations through their highly manoeuvrable and comfortable design.”

User-friendly innovations

A choice of four models is available to meet different preferences and budgets. All versions feature the new patent-pending power selection system, described by Chicago Pneumatic as the best and most adjustable power control for pneumatic tools. Power can be set to five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 or 100% of the tool’s maximum torque, for a precise match with each job’s requirements.

Chicago Pneumatic wrenches

The company has utilised its Air Flex Mini air inlet feature within the CP7755 and CP7755-2. The feature is claimed to provide freedom of movement, as well as turning any rigid hose into a flexible one, which is made possible because of a multi-axis air connection swivel. Not only does this serve to save effort, it also ensures that the hose is always in the ideal position, and makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas.

The product’s flat-topped body shape ensures that when it is placed on the floor, its hose extends upward, which means that the operator can conveniently pick it up by the hose without having to bend. Locating the regulator button in a recess is another user-friendly touch, as it helps to avoid accidental activation if the tool is dropped.

Chicago Pneumatic wrenches

Chicago Pneumatic insists that the wrenches are high in comfort, with lightweight, compact construction, and low levels of vibration. On top of this, the series is said to have a high power-to-weight ratio, which is achieved by a specification that includes low-weight components, including a composite motor housing, a magnesium clutch housing and an aluminium regulator.

For technicians, the wrenches will be useful for workshop and roadside assistance tasks on a range of light vehicles.

Chicago Pneumatic wrenches

Antoine concluded, “As operators in garage trials have highlighted, the CP7755 series is very easy to work with, and it puts an end to guessing on power levels. Technicians can now be sure of the right torque for every job, from a tool that’s a pleasure to operate. Final torque level should always, of course, be reached using a manual torque wrench. Our new CP7755 series brings technicians the accessibility and manoeuvrability that they want with the right amount of power.”

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