In with the old, and in with the new

In with the old, and in with the new

For oil suppliers, it’s essential to produce solutions that can not only deal with modern vehicles, but that cater to the classics too. Millers Oils’ latest releases emphasise this, with both its Trident range and its Classic Pistoneeze range hitting the market.

Taking care of the classics

The Classic Pistoneeze range brings with it three new multi-grade engine oils. Able to protect the investment of a classic vehicle, Millers Oils claims that the oil can ensure the longevity and healthy life of the vehicle, which shouldn’t be a time-consuming or costly practice.

The range has welcomed three new products, providing engine oil solutions for vehicles such as the Ford Capri and Escort, as well as many other icons of 70s and 80s motoring. Application of the new range even extends to the rare Shelby Mustang American muscle car.

Specifically designed for the new modern-classics from the 70s and 80s that are gaining popularity, these three new additions combine the latest technology performance additives, solvent refined base oils and shear stable index (SSI) improver.


Available as 15W40, 10W40 and 10W30, these moderate detergent multi-grade mineral engine oils are suitable for both diesel and petrol engines, and will come in both five and one litre bottles. The bespoke formulation – including corrosion inhibiting ZDDP (Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates) – has been created by Millers Oils’ technical team for modern-classic engines which incorporate modern filtration systems.

On the new range, a spokesperson from Millers Oils commented, “Vehicles that are reaching their 20th birthday and beyond are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for modern-classic enthusiasts, as they are drawn by their ‘game changing’ design and new generation performance that created an exciting and revitalised chapter in vehicle history. This rising popularity has seen demand for suitable engine oils also increase, and of course we had to respond! These latest introductions are the perfect choice for modern-classic engines, combining modern oil technology and formulation with unrivalled knowledge of how these modern-classic engines operate. Together, this creates a range of engine oils that offers the highest levels of performance and protection from the moment you turn the key.”

Millers oils

Talk to me about the classics

The Classic Pistoneeze range includes a number of specialist classic engine oils, available in monograde and multi-grade, as well as specialist oil. The Vintage monograde engine oils are available in SAE viscosity grades 30, 40 and 50, whilst the Pistoneeze consists of multi-grade engine oils.

The company’s ethos regarding the Classic range is supported by three core values: providing high levels of protection, preventing ethanol corrosion, and protecting the nation’s motoring heritage.

Modern times

Also recently updated is Millers Oils’ Trident range, which has had four new products added to it, taking the total number of oils in the range to 10.

The range is designed to meet the latest European emissions standards requiring ACEA C1, C2, C3 and C4 specifications, and offers a wide range of viscosities and specifications. Suitable for petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, Trident 10 covers the majority of the UK car parc. Because of this, the company claims that the range is the top choice for technicians, motor factors, and, as a cost-effective solution, is ideal for high volume use in the workshop.

So, what does Trident 10 have to offer?

Millers Oils has had plenty to say about its new range. According to the company, the range contains the following features:

  • A good fuel economy and reduced engine wear, due to the inclusion of specialist additives.
  • Improved combustion as a result of high levels of engine cleanliness and sludge control.
  • Maximum engine protection; Trident 10 oils maintain the optimum oil viscosity even under severe operating conditions.
  • Efficient cold-start (down to as low as – 30°C), thanks to low temperature flow, which is a result of the use of synthetic technology. This ensures the rapid protection of vital components, with most engine wear occurring during start-up.
  • Protected and prolonged engine life, due to its viscosity stability at high temperatures and severe operating conditions.
  • Achievable level of performance throughout the OEM oil change interval, and increased protection via a stronger oil film between metallic components.
  • It is catalyst and DPF compatible, thanks to the low and mid SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) formulations.

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