KYB: Suspension solutions app

KYB: Suspension solutions app

KYB has launched an update for its Suspension Solutions mobile app. The app now provides detailed, part-specific, and technical advice for a suspension job, and it does so for free.

The technician can either enter the car make and model, the VIN number, or the registration number, and they will be shown the KYB part numbers required, as well as a detailed technical bulletin for each job.

The bulletin includes an illustrated stepby- step guide to fit the part, as well as the tools required (and relevant torque settings), and an estimate for the time needed to complete the job. If there is a KYB fitting video available for this reference, this will also be provided.

“We felt this feature was the next step for the KYB app”, explained Jordan Day, Marketing Manager for KYB Europe Aftermarket. “The app now helps with all of the main stages of replacing suspension, with this latest feature helping to find the part number and fit the product. On top of this, the current features help the technician by proposing a suspension job to a motorist, and also following up the job. We are extremely pleased with this new feature, and are confident that this will help KYB customers across Europe.”

The app’s latest feature follows further customer research amongst European technicians, as well as conversations with the KYB Europe Product Management department. Highlighting the tools required will enable workshops to prepare for the job, and showing the required torque settings, for example, will reduce the risk of damaging the components from overtightening. Including the suggested fitting time for each job will also help workshops to quote more accurately, and to plan more efficiently.

The KYB app is designed for workshops, and has currently been downloaded over 7,000 times across Europe. The app has two original features that are joined by the new fitting instructions, with the first allowing the technician to suggest suspension work to a motorist. The technician assesses the vehicle and inputs the ‘symptoms’ that the vehicle is showing into the app, attaching a picture if required. The app then takes this information and creates a specific vehicle report, which is texted to the customer.

This report also contains a button to ‘call the workshop’, and on average, this button is clicked by the motorist one in four times. The second feature allows the technician to take ‘before and after’ photos when working on a vehicle’s suspension. The app takes these pictures and adds them to a vehicle report that is then texted to the customer for free. The report explains the work that has been done, and the benefit it will have on the vehicle, and shows them the pictures of the old and newly fitted components.

The KYB Suspension Solutions app is free to download and free to use, available in 20 European languages, and is fully customisable, so that all of the reports that are sent out feature the relevant workshop’s name, contact number and logo.

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