Fuchs Lubricants details its Lube Cube

Fuchs Lubricants details its Lube Cube

Fuchs Lubricants runs through the success of its environmentally friendly Lube Cube, and explains how it can boost motor factors’ lubricant offering.

As has been well documented over the years, Fuchs Lubricants’ Lube Cube gives the company’s customers the option to buy its products in a recyclable cardboard box rather than a plastic container. Since the product’s launch in 2012, Fuchs has removed an incredible 750 metric tonnes (750,000kg) of plastic waste from the industry and its customer base. That is the equivalent of 15 million two litre plastic bottles, or 90 million plastic carrier bags. As well as its significant environmental impact, the industry’s demand for the Lube Cube was demonstrated at the end of 2020, as its sales exceeded 1 million units.

On the environmental effect of the product, Rosemary Mellor, Fuchs’ Automotive Product Manager UK, had this to say: “We are extremely proud to be leading the way in the lubricants industry when it comes to sustainable packaging. To have saved such a huge amount of plastic is a fantastic achievement. We have effectively saved the equivalent energy usage of 500 households for one year.”

The 4L/5L/20L Lube Cubes are a single use, recyclable packaging system constructed from a strong, durable cardboard outer containing a product filled plastic inner. As they can be included with normal recycling waste, they offer virtually zero disposal costs, leading to significant savings for businesses paying to dispose of hazardous waste.

FUCHS cube

Paul Wood, National Sales Manager, Automotive, at Fuchs, added, “Alongside its environmental benefits, the lube cube reduces waste disposal costs. One of our key automotive aftermarket partners reported an annual saving in excess of Åí100,000 in waste disposal costs by switching from conventional plastic 20 litre packs to the 20 litre lube cube.

“Fuchs is extremely passionate about reducing plastic packaging waste and its CO₂ output. We understand that this must align with our customers’ requirement for viable and sustainable solutions – the lube cube ticks all the boxes!

“We have demonstrated the environmental benefits and commercial savings that can be made by switching, and this has seen significant traction within key business sectors. However, we don’t plan on stopping there – we will continue to push the boundaries and drive the change to a more sustainable future.“

Getting to know the Cube

Lube Cubes are said to be easier to dispense lubricant from than traditional plastic bottles thanks to a built-in tap (20L) similar to a wine box and the integral handles. Lube Cubes are also filled under vacuum conditions, creating a steady ‘antiglug’ pour for the user.

FUCHS cube

Their splashproof outers are ideal for most environments and can be used with Fuchs’ bespoke 20L metal stands for additional dispensing support. Smaller pack sizes fit neatly onto standard motor factor shelving. The company’s cardboard retail stands are also available to help highlight the range, creating a sustainable point of interest in any shopfront.

Fuchs claims that Lube Cubes are far easier to store than plastic bottles as they can be stacked on top of each other, with the additional benefit that larger quantities can be packed efficiently on pallets for reduced stocking space.

The company’s entire Lube Cube manufacturing process has been assessed to further reduce CO₂ emissions, allowing its customers to improve their supply chain carbon footprint.

For more information on the Lube Cube, click here.

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