Millers Oils 130th Year in Business

Millers Oils 130th Year in Business

2017 marks Millers Oils 130th year in business. As PMF discovers, the company has a long and rich history and has always kept its roots firmly in Brighouse, Yorkshire.

Originally titled Millers Bros, Millers Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller. Aside from the business, the Millers family has a fascinating history with all sorts of hobbies and interests that show the true passion for innovation that the family held. Two members of the family ran a successful outboard racing team throughout the 1920’s which was also used to promote the Millers Oils Pistoneeze range.

Millers Oils has always had active involvement from a member of the Millers family and says it has continually strived to lead the way in innovation, claiming to have been the first producer of long drain interval oil for trucks, along with producing the first diesel specific engine oil for cars.

Fast forward to today, the company remains a significant local employer. In 1889, John Watson Miller wrote to all customers thanking them for ‘past favours’ and stating that ‘the quality of my oil will be rigidly adhered to’ and today some 130 years
later, this is still the mantra that drives the business.

Millers Oils says its success has always revolved around its people and it has, as a company, always recognised the value that highly skilled and motivated staff brings to its innovative products and business.

Classic Range

More recently, the company has worked hard on the re-launch of its Classic Range, bringing the past into the future. Much inspiration has been taken from the Millers Oils historic packaging to give the new range a truly classic feel. The classic range has been updated, where appropriate, to ensure it is not only providing a well packaged product but a suitable product for varied classic vehicle needs in today’s motoring climate.

The range of lubricants is specifically aimed at vintage and classic cars, respecting the needs of these vehicles. It incorporates a variety of products designed to suit the needs of vintage and classic vehicles. This spans from engine oil, transmission oils
and treatments.

The Classic Sport High Performance 20w50 utilises advanced modern nanotechnology formulated in the Millers Oils research and development laboratory. A grade of which was designed specifically for use in the Triumph TR3S, which it sponsored at Le Mans Classic last year.

The Triumph TR3S was faster than any of the other Triumph TR’s in Plateau 3, the grid for 1957-1961 era cars, and reached a speed of 137mph on the Mulsanne straight resulting in it being the fastest Triumph TR to ever circulate at Le Mans Classic.

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