Autosupplies witnesses Lechler’s latest offering

Autosupplies witnesses Lechler’s latest offering

Autosupplies has revealed it was the first to witness Lechler Coatings’ ultraviolet (UV) primer in action at Lechler’s headquarters in Middlewich.

Lechler Coatings showcased its UV product at a training demonstration for Autosupplies in February, available as both a filler and primer product.

Dave Jones, Sales Manager at Lechler Coatings, said: “The new UV filler and putty is remarkably agile, making repairs versatile and it will be a crucial tool for all bodyshops looking to speed up repairs.”

The ultraviolet filler means that by, using a separate UV lamp, repaired areas can be filled and ready to prime within a few minutes, whereas conventional drying using an oven can take 30 minutes.

Dave continued: “The product can really help alleviate bottleneck issues in bodyshops, as filled and primed areas of the vehicle can be dried in a matter of minutes using a portable UV lamp, rather than all requiring use of an oven.”

David Clarke, Managing Director of Autosupplies, added: “There’s a great potential on offer here to bodyshops looking to run more efficiently. Conventional methods mean that filled areas won’t usually be ready to sand and then prime for around half an hour, whereas the ultraviolet product speeds this up rapidly.”

Lechler Coatings’ new UV filler and primer will be set to launch in March.

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