Taking it to the Extreme

Taking it to the Extreme

Kalimex’s Colin Benzie gives PMF readers an insight into the features of JLM’s Petrol Extreme Clean.

Recently launched, Petrol Extreme Clean has joined JLM Lubricants’ stable of trade trusted products. Kalimex has been promoting the product to its 1,500 motor factor stockists throughout the UK.

The product is claimed to be the solution to late model cars and engines with severe build-up blocking problems in different parts of the fuel system. These contaminations are tough and not easily dissolved with regular fuel additives. The product blend comprises multiple additives packaged into a highly concentrated 500ml super shot, with one bottle treating 40-60L of petrol.

It’s suitable for all petrol engines, including direct injection with or without a turbo or catalytic converter. Simple to use, all that the user has to do is pour the contents into the fuel tank before filling up with petrol.

Taking it to the Extreme

Here are some of the features of Petrol Extreme Clean: 

  • The special detergent in the product cleans the fuel system including injectors, inlet and outlet valves, spark plugs and the combustion chamber. As a result, there are lower deposits of
    combustion residues in the cylinder and exhaust gases are much cleaner
  • The oily residues and soot particles that originate in the exhaust system burn at a temperature that is approximately 125⁰C lower than normal. As a result, the exhaust system is cleaned at a lower exhaust gas temperature
  • Emissions are reduced
  • The octane number is boosted by between two and four points
  • The combustion process is more efficient
  • The engine power increases
  • The catalytic converter efficiency increases
  • Fuel economy improves

For more information about JLM’s products, and the other products distributed by Kalimex, click here.

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