Sealey details its tool catalogue

Sealey details its tool catalogue

Sealey’s Product Category Manager Neil Kidby runs through the company’s biggest ever tool catalogue, with a closer look at some of its diagnostic tools.

Available now, the latest edition of Sealey’s tool catalogue includes over 11,900 products designed for use in the trade. Readers will find improved and extended ranges, with over 2,800 brand new products all complemented by the company’s vast range of spare parts. Covering everything from hand tools to larger workshop equipment, storage and consumables, if the trade needs it, chances are Sealey has it!

Keeping true to the company’s spirit of innovation and continued product development, readers will discover the addition of 33 products to Sealey’s 12V and 20V ‘one-battery-fits-all’ ranges, a brand new 10.8V collection, and multiple additions to the pressure washer range. On top of this, there’s more hand tools and huge updates to the lighting and power section. The new LED36012V LED inspection lamp packs a whopping 1,000 lumens and conveniently uses the same 12V battery from the ‘one-battery-fits-all’ SV12 Series.

We regard the Sealey Catalogue as the ultimate read for automotive technicians, it’s what the trade has been waiting for! Included in the catalogue are an array of diagnostic options, and here we explore two of these.

Sealey tool catalogue

V-Scan Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool – Android

The V-Scan multi-manufacturer diagnostic tool is a wireless Android-based system which enables near OE-level diagnostics. A well-priced mid-range tool, the V-Scan allows users to use a mobile phone or tablet to diagnose cars, SUVs and vans.

The tool connects to the vehicle using a standard 16pin EOBD connector, and it includes an extension cable for hard-to-access diagnostic sockets. It is usable in conjunction with a compatible Android device (2.3 and later).

All the software is supplied, downloaded and stored on the mobile phone or tablet. This unit is supplied with one year of updates and doesn’t lockout when updates have expired.

Software features of the V-Scan include Read/Clear codes, live data, and actuation tests. Whilst its special functions include battery configuration, DPF, electronic parking brake, injector programming, key programming, odometer adjustment, oil service reset, steering angle, throttle reset and TPMS.

Sealey tool catalogue

V-Scan Pro Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool

Sealey’s V-Scan Pro multi-manufacturer diagnostic tool is a fast wireless multitasking operating system which includes the most extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics, allowing independent garages to provide a complete diagnostic service for cars, SUVs and vans up to 3.5t.

The unit comes supplied with two years of updates, and, like the V-Scan, there’s no tool lockout when the update has expired. It is powered by an Intel Quad-Core Processor and runs on an Android 4.4 operating system. On top of this, the V-Scan Pro contains a 32GB hard drive, is Wi-Fi compatible, and has a touch screen display. The unit includes a 5.0 megapixel rear- and 2.0 megapixel front-facing camera, and only weighs 0.7kg.

Key software features include read/clear codes, live data, actuation tests and ECU, and key coding on some vehicles. As with the V-Scan, the V-Scan Pro has many special functions, including battery configuration, DPF, electronic parking brake, oil service Reset, throttle Reset, and TPMS.

For more information on Sealey’s tool catalogue, click here.

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