Nissens Automotive explains its A/C components

Nissens Automotive explains its A/C components

Jan Zieleskiewicz, Nissens Automotive’s Marketing Manager, explains why factors should place their trust in the company’s components this A/C season.

For the comfort and safety of motorists, the performance of air conditioning and climate control systems is essential. This relies on regular maintenance and using quality parts, supplied by proactive distributors.

As a highly respected thermal management specialist, we at Nissens Automotive do our best to ensure our motor factor customers are ready with a range of our key system components on their shelves, ready for the A/C season.

Two of the most frequently replaced parts are compressors and condensers, for which the company has a comprehensive offering, covering the vast majority of passenger car and light commercial vehicle applications. The Nissens compressor range consists of almost 600 part numbers, supplemented by close to 1,300 condensers, which cater for 79 and 94% of the European car parc, respectively. Naturally, the company’s A/C programme also includes interior blowers, evaporators, receiver-dryers, fans, and most recently, thermal expansion valves (TXV), and is in constant growth as new additions are introduced.

Nissens A/C Components

Another notable benefit for motor factors looking for a competitive advantage is the fact that more than 230 components in the Nissens climate system range fit the most popular hybrid and electric vehicle applications, reflecting the shift in technology that is inevitably destined to be experienced in the independent workshop.

A convenient and safe choice

Although distributors naturally focus on the proper range and availability of parts, it’s equally important that they supply premium quality parts that allow technicians to service vehicles successfully, with no extra hassle, which will help them keep their customers happy. This means that the service must result in the A/C system performing to its optimum, with the troublefree operation of its components, an outcome that is made considerably easier by supplying them with Nissens products.

Nissens A/C Components

All Nissens products are developed and manufactured according to market-recognised quality standards. This ensures that they are perfectly finished, thus enabling a trouble-free, fast installation. The functionality of every component is thoroughly tested so it matches the original equipment part, which ensures its optimal thermal performance.

The majority of Nissens A/C parts are First Fit products, which means the technician gets everything that is needed for their correct installation within the product box. Furthermore, Nissens’ condensers are corrosion protected, which prolongs their lifespan considerably.

Alongside the quality of its components, Nissens has a reputation for its technical support, which it provides to installers via a variety of platforms, from print material to online assistance. This is also a big plus for distributors, as it allows them to demonstrate the difference between product specialists like Nissens and the average multiple product group supplier. One of the many helpful pieces of best practice advice and fitting tips is to always replace the TXV when installing a new compressor, which also provides factors with an additional revenue stream.

Nissens A/C Components

Despite its small size, the TXV plays a crucial role in ensuring the A/C system works to its correct parameters. The valve’s operational characteristics influence not only its overall performance, but also the proper operation of other important components. Amongst other things, it controls the refrigerant’s flow and working factors, and these have an important influence on the A/C compressor’s workloads, potentially affecting its lifespan and even provoking premature failures. It is therefore important that the valve operates accurately in a specific way, as determined by the particular system design.

For more information about Nissens’ thermal management programme, click here.

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