Kärcher UK details how to maintain delivery vehicles

Kärcher UK details how to maintain delivery vehicles

Daniel Took, Head of Professional Product Marketing at Kärcher UK, shares his knowledge on how factors can keep their delivery vehicles in top condition.

Not only are your company’s delivery vehicles a public representation of your brand and image, they are also expensive, business-critical equipment that is needed to keep the business running efficiently. Therefore, their maintenance should be a top business priority to keep you going and to promote your brand.

For factors, weekly cleaning will help to maintain a professional appearance and ensure that vehicles retain value by removing any corrosive foreign substances. High-pressure cleaning is the standard method, but it must be mastered to be truly effective. One of the advantages of Kärcher’s HDS 7/11-4 M high-pressure cleaner is its versatility. When it comes to maintaining a
delivery fleet, it
can be used to
clean the upper bodywork, the underbody and the engine, as well as parts.

The high-pressure jet will reach nooks and crannies that cannot be accessed with a sponge or a brush. High-pressure cleaners can also be used for numerous cleaning jobs around garages and workshops; no other cleaning technology is as flexible. Many vehicle fleets include very robust vehicles, but the paintwork always plays an important role as a sensitive surface. The trick when cleaning a pressure washer at high pressure is contactless work, so the dirt can be removed without scratching, avoiding creating unnecessary costs.

Overall, it can be said that cleaning and maintaining delivery vehicles is by no means a secondary priority in the efficiency of a business. In fact, it is essential for demonstrating the cleanliness and reliability of your business. On top of this, it helps to retain the value of the cleaned surfaces and vehicles, and guarantees the safety of both staff and customers.

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