Empowered by Start-Stop

Empowered by Start-Stop

The rise of start-stop is giving workshops a wide range of new opportunities. In this article, Exide explains how it is helping factors give workshops the highest level of support, from targeted marketing to best-in-class fitment information.

Start-stop is the fastest-growing segment of the automotive market. It is expected to grow at a global compound annual rate of 20% for the next several years, and will account for a majority of UK aftermarket battery sales by 2022. This new market presents workshops with both challenges and opportunities, which are easily navigated with the right guidance and support.

Start-stop has ushered in a new era of more fuel-efficient vehicles, allowing carmakers to develop more environmentally friendly cars in line with changing legislation. In the EU, for example, carmakers must reduce emissions by 40% by 2021 compared to the 2007 fleet average. The start-stop powertrain puts heavy reliance on a new breed of battery, one specially designed for the task. These offer power, cycle life and charge performance far exceeding those of a typical battery.

“The rise of start-stop has created exciting opportunities in the aftermarket, which we’re helping factors and workshops to address,” says Craig Everett, Exide’s Marketing Manager – UK, Ireland & Industrial Benelux. “Not only do we have a range of start-stop batteries available, but also a full suite of programmes and strategies to help resellers maximise their effectiveness in this fast- growing segment of the aftermarket.”

Smart labelling

Start-stop cars should only be fitted with start-stop batteries, which have been engineered to handle the frequent starting and stopping from the powertrain.

Fitting a conventional battery on a start-stop car immediately voids the warranty, and leads to cost and reputational damage for the workshop. It only takes one bad experience for a customer to take their business elsewhere, especially if they believe your knowledge and skills have become outdated.

Exide updated its labels to ensure its customers are not caught out. All its conventional batteries now contain a warning that they cannot be fitted on a vehicle with a start-stop powertrain. This means that even if a workshop accidently buys the wrong battery, it will discover the incompatibility before fitment. This is one of many ways Exide is delivering for its factors and helping them to enhance their workshops.

Marketing with impact

Exide gives its customers a high level of marketing support. This includes brand marketing to drive awareness and create trust in its products, and targeted point-of- sale materials to help workshops communicate their expertise and capabilities. Exide customers can visit the Brand Room website to order posters, brochures, merchandise and much more. Workshops can use these to affirm their understanding of the start-stop market, enabling them to win new business and reassure existing customers.

A new breed of battery

Exide’s technology has made impressive efficiency gains with each new generation, and is said to be widely used as original equipment by the world’s top carmakers. The company’s AGM and EFB batteries offer far better performance than a standard lead-acid battery, with exceptional cycle life and charge acceptance. They are designed with high-purity leads and alloys, have first-class safety features and provide excellent coverage of the car parc.

Exide start-stop batteries are made in its next-generation manufacturing facilities in Europe. The facilities are regularly inspected by carmakers, which gives the aftermarket confidence in the quality of Exide’s manufacturing. Factors and workshops know they are buying a quality product designed to impeccable standards.

Tools of the trade

Exide offers a range of workshops tools. The Exide 12/7 Battery Charger, for example, charges any type of 12V battery from a single device, including those for cars, motorcycles, boats and caravans. It is one of the most versatile chargers on the market, making it extremely useful for workshops.

Factors can also let customers know that Exide provides extensive fitment information, available through its website and battery finder app. This allows workshops to easily select the right battery. If workshop employees always check Exide’s fitment information, they can rest assured that a conventional battery will never be recommended for a start-stop car. Exide updates its data regularly to maximise its accuracy.

“Factors can also let customers know that Exide provides extensive fitment information, available through its website and battery finder app. This allows workshops to easily select the right battery.”

For more information on the products available from Exide, or the support offered by the company, click here. 

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