Autovaux and ECOBAT explore their relationship

Autovaux and ECOBAT explore their relationship

Autovaux Car Parts and ECOBAT explore their business relationship, explaining how, in such a short space of time, both establishments have flourished together.

In just 10 months, battery distributor ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT) and Dewsbury-based motor factor Autovaux Car Parts have developed a strong, mutually beneficial business relationship that has helped the factor increase both its battery sales and profit margin.

Established in 2001 as a genuine Vauxhall parts expert sourcing original equipment (OE) components for the British marque, Autovaux has since grown into a trusted all-makes supplier that carries a huge range of OE stock from the most respected brands in the aftermarket, offering next-day delivery nationwide.

Having been somewhat disappointed with the response of the company’s existing battery supplier to a request to look at the margins earned for its battery sales, Autovaux’s owner, Paul Starling, contacted ECOBAT’s Kevin Roberts to see what the company could do to help.

“Kevin had previously been in touch, but although I kept his number, we were happy with our existing supplier at that point,” Paul explained. “However, their lack of interest to our concerns led me to pick up the phone and ask Kevin what options ECOBAT could offer. We agreed terms for an initial trial and then introduced the Exide brand for the top three fast movers, and we were delighted at the response from our customers.

“As the relationship with ECOBAT developed, we increased the range of part numbers and have been impressed with the leadership they have provided in using information – such the vehicle parc Pareto – to identify the batteries that our customers need. The introduction of the Exide AGM battery is a great example of how this has helped, as demand has soared.

“We also appreciate the support they have given us, not only in terms of point-of-sale material and general sales advice, but also the encouragement to put the stock on our shelves so that we always have what our customers need. They give us security with the knowledge that this stock can be replaced if it hasn’t sold as anticipated.

Autovaux ECOBAT relationship

“These combined efforts have helped us to not only increase our battery sales by a remarkable 66%, but also deliver the greater margin we were originally looking for. This kind of result only happens if both parties trust one another and look at their business relationship as a true partnership, and that is 100% how we feel about ECOBAT.”

As an established business that has been trading in the UK for close to 70 years – initially as Manchester Batteries and then Manbat – ECOBAT has a reputation for supplying its valued wholesale customers with high quality batteries from prominent brands such as Exide, VARTA, Lucas and Numax.

In addition to the products it supplies, those at ECOBAT are keen to stress that the company’s reputation has also been built by providing an unrivalled level of customer service and support. The company claims that this is a consequence of the experience that comes from having longstanding business relationships and a knowledgeable team with core battery expertise that is willing to go the extra mile.

This ethos is clearly demonstrated in its dealings with Autovaux, as the two businesses share the same foresight and are willing to partner together to be able to not only grow their respective battery sales, but build increased trust, which provides even greater long term benefits across their entire businesses.

Kevin Roberts, ECOBAT’s Regional Business Development Manager, commented, “Our strategy is to work with our customers and help them get the most from the potential that their battery business has to offer. It was clear to me that there was a great opportunity with Autovaux, so when Paul invited us to talk seriously, it gave us the chance to demonstrate what our combined businesses could achieve.

Autovaux ECOBAT relationship

“To get the most out of these opportunities, it’s not about just trying to shift more boxes, it’s about working hand-in- hand to work out what products suit any given set of circumstances, and then developing the offering to provide more solutions for the needs of the end user.

“Paul and his team at Autovaux have embraced that vision and have been receptive to applying the knowledge gained by our battery sales experiences to their entrepreneurial attitude, which is why the business relationship we have has grown so much, so quickly. I still think there’s much more that we can do together, so we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.”

For more information on ECOBAT, click here. For more information on Autovaux, click here.

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