Absolute Alignment aims to work with customers

Absolute Alignment aims to work with customers

PMF reports on how Absolute Alignment aims to work in tandem with its motor factor customers.

Absolute Alignment claims to have been at the forefront of wheel alignment technology for a decade, with constant innovation as new car developments come on stream. The latest technologies are not about reacting to vehicle changes, but promoting reliable and quick practices in the workshop to improve accuracy.

Ideally, the technology would start at the garage door, with the Drive Over Tyre Condition Profiler silently assessing the condition of a vehicle’s tyres as the customer drives into the workshop. With this technology, by the time they get to the service desk, a printout will show the state of all four tyres, and a skilled technician will be able to interpret the information. On top of this, the report gives an indication as to whether wheel alignment needs to be checked. It’s important to note that the report does not replace physical inspection, but it can be used to gain the customer’s consent before spending their money.

Once on the alignment ramp, accuracy is all-important. Instead of thumbing through books or scrolling through many different versions of the same car onscreen, Absolute Alignment’s range of wheel aligners can be specified with a number plate recognition extension pack. Technicians simply have to snap the registration of the car with their tablet or smart phone, and let the system do the rest – this eliminates confusion and speeds up the process in one go.

Absolute Alignment

One of the bottlenecks to speedy wheel alignment is often the time it takes for the technician to come out from under the vehicle to check the figures on the central unit. This is now a thing of the past, with repeater screens available on tablets and smart phones that operate wirelessly from the base. Workshops that really struggle for space can use the WiFi Pro, which does away with the cabinet altogether. All reports are sent wirelessly to the office printer and can be double-checked for accuracy by senior staff before handing the car and report back to the customer.

A mutually beneficial relationship

Working with national and independent factors, Absolute Alignment enables both to offer the latest advanced wheel alignment and ADAS calibration equipment to their customers at an expert level. The technical team takes care of the whole process, from demonstration and installation of the equipment, to giving COVID-safe on-site training. With a future-proofed service offering, workshops will spend more on suspension service parts and equipment with their regular suppliers. Thanks to this new income stream, both workshops and factors will see an increase in profitable parts turnover.

Absolute Alignment

Absolute Alignment is keen to help factors give their customers the best aftersales service. New for 2021, the company is fitting a free remote diagnostic module into every wheel aligner that it sells. If the equipment is connected to the internet, Absolute Alignment’s technicians can log in and quickly fix software bugs which may occur, meaning less downtime and less face-to-face interaction. This after-sales support gives factors the peace of mind that their customers are as well looked after by Absolute Alignment as they are by the factors themselves.

These are challenging times for workshops, as not only is the technology of cars changing, but the pressures on productivity are increasing, too. Workshops turning to wheel alignment for increased ramp usage can be reassured that Absolute Alignment is beside them every step of the way and is developing technologies to combat those pressures.

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