A Strategy for the Future

A Strategy for the Future

Other than offering a wide array of product ranges to automotive businesses all over the globe, the Aisin Seiki Group is committed to developing the industry in many other ways. Here, PMF finds out how the company came to exist in its current form, and what it is looking to achieve in the future.

Aisin Seiki was founded in 1943 with the creation of Tokai Hikoki as an aircraft parts supplier. Following the many changes in the Japanese market after the Second World War, the company turned its focus towards the manufacture of sewing machines, then car parts, and then household appliances. In 1965, Tokai Hikoki merged with its sister company, Shinkawa Kogyo, to strengthen its structure and give new impetus to existing activities. Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd. became a company in its own right, specialised in the development and production of automotive parts. The existing range of transmission, chassis and braking products was expanded with the addition of clutch and body components.

Then, in Belgium in 1971, Aisin Europe S.A. was established. Since then, 11 research and development, design and production centres have been established in six countries: Germany, England, Belgium, France, Czech Republic and Turkey. Overall, the company employs a total of 110,000 people, including 1,600 in Europe. The group’s total turnover in 2017 was 3,908.9 billion yen, or 31.3 billion euros, making AISIN the sixth largest automotive parts and components company in the world. In 2018, Aisin’s turnover in Europe represented 9% of the group’s total turnover and the global aftermarket division represented around 1%.

Presently, Aisin Seiki commits itself to the following developmental pillars:
• To contribute to the advancement of the company through forward-facing Research & Development that offers new value to customers.
• Develop global growth while respecting local cultures, values and customs.
• Develop harmony between the needs of society and respect for the environment.
• Develop continuous progress through creativity and personal initiative, by providing a work environment conducive to creativity and initiative for each employee.

With these ideals in mind, the group strives to achieve or reinforce a series of automotive concepts in the future:

Zero emissions

The group is stepping up its efforts to develop electrification units, components for electric and fuel cell vehicles, including brakes, chassis and bodywork products. It strives to provide an optimal driving experience and reduce the impact of the automobile on the environment.

Automatic driving

In the fields of automated driving and advanced driving assistance, the Aisin group offers vehicle dynamics control for pleasant and enjoyable driving in all kinds of environments, from straight, smooth roads to ‘twisties’ with uneven surfaces. Part of this driving experience is smooth stops, as well as an automated, unmanned valet service based on the parking assistance system.


Thanks to the sensors integrated in the driver’s environment, it is now possible to detect the driver’s condition and the positioning of seats, doors, windows and sliding roofs. This technology also allows them to be controlled according to weather conditions, traffic and personal data recorded on the Cloud.

Real-world research

Beyond the automotive sector, the group conducts scientific studies on the environment as well as technological research on automated driving and emotion detection with Artificial Intelligence.

For more information on the Aisin Group, and the products available in Europe, click here.

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