Upselling Replacement Coil Kits

Upselling Replacement Coil Kits

It is all very well selling a brand new tool to a customer, but in no time the tool will show signs of wear that need to be remedied for safe operation. For this reason, offering replacement coil kits for an induction heating tool is an excellent upselling opportunity for factors. Induction Innovations explains.

While the Mini-Ductor Venom and Mini-Ductor II induction heating tools are well-known amongst mechanics and body shops, the effectiveness of the tool, and operator safety, are dependent on the state of the pre-formed coils used with them.

The Inductor coil range includes vital accessories for motor factors and these consumables can provide a useful and regular income stream. With reportedly thousands of Mini-Ductors in garages across the UK, there’s plenty of opportunity to tap into the market.

It’s therefore useful to know what is available in the range and when the coils need to be replaced, so factors can sell them to their customers more effectively.

What coils are available?

Inductor coils are manufactured in a variety of lengths and sizes to fit inaccessible areas (100 to over 330mm long, 22 to 38mm diameters). All coil leads are plated to eliminate oxidation, to guarantee contact and are insulated with fibreglass to resist heat.

The pre-formed coils are flexible and can be bent or separated for a variety of applications to heat nuts, fasteners, caulking removal, frozen door hinges, exhaust manifold bolts, truck under bed bolts, O2 sensors etc. Four coil kits are available:

• The standard kit contains eight coils and enables nuts and bolts up to 12.7mm in diameter to be heated.
• The essential kit contains eight of the most used smaller diameter coils of varying lengths.
• The long coil kit contains eight interchangeable coils which offer extra reach and will heat nuts and bolts up to 38.1mm.
• The Bearing Buddy coil is used to free steering and suspension parts and frozen O sensors, as well as to remove ball 2
joints and tie-rod ends. These coils are available in regular or long sizes.

Each coil is claimed to last several hundred uses, but this is dependent on the use of the proper sized coils per application. Avoiding abrasion and overheating also prevents premature wear to the coil.

When to replace coils

Factor customers will need to know that their coils have to be replaced when the metal underneath the fabric coating becomes exposed – otherwise there’s a risk of sparking and the possibility of a fire. Another sign that the coils need to bereplaced is if the fabric becomes noticeably brown.

If the insulation is breached, a new coil will need to be used. The life of the pre-formed coil can be extended by only heating objects enough to break the frozen rust bond. The insulation of the coil will eventually burn through when holding directly to hot nuts and may void the warranty.

Bearing Buddy coils are much longer (1,041 to 2,438mm) than standard coils. They need replacing when metal becomes exposed and/or turns brownish like standard coils, but also when they become brittle as they are made of finely twisted copper.

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