Tools and equipment is a very competitive area of the market and choosing between suppliers can be a difficult task. Often the additional services provided can be enough to sway the decision. PMF looks at how Sealey helps factors sell their products.

The huge variety of tools and equipment available these days makes it possible to buy almost any tool required to do a job, and at an affordable price. Keeping abreast of what is already available, as well as new-to-market items, can be both a challenging and time consuming process. From the motor factor perspective, time is a valuable commodity and it is not always easy to gain quick access with new-to-range items or any special deals that become available. This is where Sealey excels with its motor factor and dealer support.

2017 will see Sealey’s usual high profile promotions running. These promotions are all showcased in the free promotional leaflets which are all printed in colour on high quality paper and supplied free to 8,000 motor factors and dealers. The promotional material that is supplied by the company contains colour photographs of not only the new-to-range products, but also concentrates on specific tool and equipment ranges as well as the many special deals that are featured too. The Sealey Tool Vans carry the latest products on board and are able to demonstrate these products to garages and motor factors.

Sealey has a large showroom to display the vast range of products in the range. Ian, from Abbey Motor Factors in Bury St Edmunds, has been able to benefit from this facility, and has held open evenings and training days in the showroom. Ian said this has been of great help in showing end users new products and also for demonstrating tools and equipment when required, and he has been very pleased with the help offered on these events as well as the fast deliveries that are available for all the products. Ian also mentioned that the members of staff do their best to help, which makes life so much easier.

Having high quality free promotional material for customers to be able to take away is a big asset for any motor factor, and is also a valuable marketing tool. Sealey Area Sales Managers are well equipped to show their motor factors and dealers the products that have become available on their regular visits. All new products, promotions and special deals are displayed in a monthly presenter to show customers, not only the products that are available, but also the special deals they can take advantage of. During these visits it is also possible to see samples of the smaller tools and equipment available, so customers can examine the products for themselves.

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