Train of Thought

Train of Thought

Nissens, the Danish manufacturer of climate, emissions and engine cooling systems, has been providing the automotive industry with training courses for nearly five years. Now, the current training platform is evolving into something more.

Since its launch in 2015, the Nissens Training Concept (NTC) has continuously gained attention and popularity amongst key distributors and their customers. With more than 4,000 mechanics and automotive system operators participating in the live training classes worldwide, Nissens Automotive’s knowledge sharing platform has left a footprint in the standards for aftersales services offered by spare parts manufacturers. Now, the NTC concept is entering a new era – the launch of an online self-learning platform.

Executive Vice President for Nissens, Klavs T. Pedersen, explains, “We cannot overestimate the advantages generated by the Nissens Training Concept and the climate system education that we launched. Our primary aim was to broaden understanding of the A/C system complexity and the need for proper installation procedures. Now, we have decided to make another step, strongly believing that it is the right time to offer even more education to the market.”

Recently, Nissens Automotive launched turbochargers. Due to the complexity of the component and the system operation, it was natural to begin the new NTC chapter with these topics. One of the first online courses is about the turbocharging fundamentals, as well as system troubleshooting and the turbo installation process. The self-learning lessons are built upon the existing NTC presentation materials, but offer much more than listening to a trainer.

Jan Zieleskiewicz, Marketing Manager at Nissens, elaborates, “Users can join the learning session virtually from any point on the globe and do it 24/7. The courses can be played on computers and most mobile devices. We have packed a lot of interactivity to help the audience when learning about new, advanced materials such as turbos. Professional narration and planned learning paths ensure that the students learn exactly what is relevant. Finally, every student can be certified and it all runs electronically without any waiting time on issuing the official document signed by Nissens. This development of the NTC platform offers our customers more freedom and flexibility.”

The new self-learning concept builds on to the existing NTC platform, improving the ease and effectiveness of the training. However, the self-learning platform will not be limited to online courses, says Jan, “Over time, the platform will transform into a knowledge-sharing platform, offering access to tailored educational paths for a given system specialisation and further technical knowledge presented in visual ways.

“Finally, it is planned to create a virtual community of automotive system experts who can communicate with each other. All of this comes in a minimum of six languages, and even more in the next months, following the planned expansion after the rollout here in January. The selflearning platform will not limit nor exclude the live training offered by Nissens,” he says.

“Both platforms are ways of ‘Delivering the Difference’ to our customers in the aftermarket, continuing to share high quality knowledge and improving technical understanding of products and installation procedures. We look forward to sharing the possibilities with our customers,” concludes Jan.

For more information about Nissens’ A/C training, click here.

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