Titan Motor Factors reviews Autopart Online

Titan Motor Factors reviews Autopart Online

Autopart Online is a business management software combining sales, stock management, accounting and reporting into one package, and Titan Motor Factors Director, Jason Farrugia, has spent years using it.

He said: “When we’re planning a new site, the call to MAM Software is the first one we make. We want to know what internet connectivity will be like, plus the estimated timescale for getting the system live. Because, in reality, Autopart Online is critical to our business.”

Titan’s philosophy of building customer relationships

In order to achieve the highest level of customer service, the software utilised needs to be smooth and efficient throughout. Jason noted: “From the point of a phone call, the parts are usually booked out within a minute, warehouse has seen the parts within another minute. The parts could be on the road within 15-20 minutes.”

Titan Autopart Online

All businesses need to be conscious of costs and expenditure; thanks to Autopart Online, these worries can be alleviated, according to Jason. He advised: “The major cost it allows us to save on is personnel. Without such a user-friendly and fast piece of kit we would need more sales staff, we would need more drivers.”

Maximising Autopart Online’s offering

Staff can be trained to use the ledgers package and when trying to view the business-critical data, Jason added: “The reporting is so extensive; there isn’t a single report I’ve imagined that that system doesn’t hold.”

Titan Motor Factors has taken this utilisation one step further and enhanced its package with additional modules, like Automotive Automation and Driversboard. Driversboard is a vehicle load planning and delivery despatch module that integrates directly into Autopart. This has been critical to Titan, as Jason testified to: “No invoices and no deliveries are missed!”

Titan Autopart Online

From a managerial standpoint it has allowed Jason to keep track of the transaction from point of sale, to delivery to the customer.

Automotive Automation is the live reporting tool for Android and iOS, and is for sales reps who are visiting customers face to face. Jason said that due to its real time reporting functionality, the sales reps have access to critical data on what their customer has bought or potentially not bought, which allows them to go into sales meetings fully prepared.

In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, a software you can rely on is pivotal. Autopart Online has provided Titan Motor Factors a place to view everything that it needs to run its business.

Titan Motor Factors Limited was formed by experienced motor factor managers and trade professionals with decades of combined experience. The aim was to collate the strengths from past experiences and avoid previous issues that may have arisen – this analysis concluded that Autopart Online was the software that was to be implemented across its business.

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