Saxon Brands details McLaren Car Care products

Saxon Brands details McLaren Car Care products

Saxon Brands is thrilled to reveal details of the McLaren Car Care products, as well as a full complement of point of sale (POS) materials, it has been entrusted to distribute. The company shares what you can offer your customers and how you can display the range.

Ranking their highest points finish in over a decade, 2021 was a great year for McLaren in the Formula One World Championship. Whilst their two drivers, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, will be returning for 2022, nothing else is standing still. Having just unveiled their new racing car, featuring an updated build and livery design, described by the team as both elegant and aggressive, there is a clear and focused determination to lead the pack.

This meticulous research carries through to its McLaren Car Care range, a comprehensive line-up of cleaners, polishes and waxes, all designed to give precision, performance and protection. The range also has the highest possible seal of approval, being used by the McLaren team on their track cars!

With general enthusiasts and die-hard fans alike bound to be enthralled in the current Formula One World Championship, now could be the perfect time to build on that interest by stocking the McLaren Car Care range.

Saxon McLaren

Available through the automotive distribution expert, Saxon Brands, Laura Barnett, its product & commercial manager, told us: “It’s great to have a prestigious brand, such as McLaren, within our brand portfolio. Their dedication to excellence and desire to innovate mean that our customers will instantly know they’re making an informed choice when using any one of the wide ranges of McLaren Car Care products.”

Sales support bolstered

To support the new Formula One season, Laura has worked directly with the team at McLaren to strengthen the sales support available. This starts with a full suite of POS materials, such as shelf wobblers, posters and custom display units, all carefully designed to bring the distinctive papaya-coloured packaging to life on the shelf and straight into a customer’s eyeline.

No aspect of the sales journey was off the table, according to Laura: “We’ve worked hard to make these premium products available at the most competitive prices, giving excellent value for money. We’re also currently working on building up specific product bundles, delivering a full car care solution in one easy purchase.”

Saxon McLaren

So, which products from the existing range should you be looking at to excite your customers (left)?

More to come…

The Car Care range will be expanded this summer, to include several new ceramic coatings, waxes and a headlight restoration kit.

Specially formulated to give long-lasting protection for the home enthusiast, whether it’s the Ceramic Hydro Seal, a product in testing for months and delivering durability, or the Ceramic Dura Coating, with a molecular structure offering up to 12 months protection, Saxon Brands is sure that the full McLaren Car Care range will be a winner for you on the shelf in 2022!

For car interiors, the bestselling products are:

  • MCL3102 Dashboard Cleaner – In addition to cleaning, it leaves a deep matt finish, complete with UV protection. Easy to use with a great fragrance, this is a real customer favourite and the top selling line.
  • MCL3010 Leather Cleaner and MCL2952 Leather Cream – Both are formulations used in the professional market, able to remove even the toughest stains on all automotive leather upholstery. The Leather Cream contains lanolin to nourish the leather and prevent cracking and drying from the sun and UV light.

And for car exteriors:

  • MCL3034 Waterless Wash & Wax – Specifically designed for time-conscious consumers who want to easily remove light soiling and dirt. Safe for all exterior surfaces, it includes a specially formulated lubricant that ensures dirt is removed without scratching paintwork and leaves a clean, high gloss finish.
  • MCL3072 Hydro Seal – Uses a special blend of ceramic properties, which bond with the paintwork, leaving a hydrophobic water beading effect and deep gloss shine. Can be applied in all conditions.

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