Form an Orderly Queue

Form an Orderly Queue
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Customers can be fickle. Loyalty today is bought by a competitor tomorrow. So attracting new customers is a must. Dee Blick, retained Chartered Marketer for Kalimex, distributor of K-Seal, provides six tips on how to do exactly that.

Ensure your sales communications have substance

Are your leaflets friendly and informative? Is it clear where you’re based, what your opening hours and payment options are? Are offers enticing with a ‘buy by’ date? Are product images clear and accompanied by a few choice words? Content is crucial, so make sure it’s right.

View professional design as an investment, not an expense

A DIY leaflet is likely to sell your business short. Make sure it’s clear you’re the business behind every communication, as well as making it look good.

Network like a pro – every mechanic in your area is a potential customer

You can’t reach them all, but joining a local business networking organisation puts you in arms’ reach of fellow business owners. Be warm, friendly and clear about the new customers you’re looking for, and these people will become your unpaid sales team. It’s also worth visiting a group. Don’t close your mind to networking just because it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Ensure team members are charming and helpful

A person coming through your door is not a new customer. They’re a cold prospect. It’s your sales team’s job to convert them. How? A warm smile; asking if they need help or advice; knowing when to back off; showing an interest in their business. Helping them without being too pushy could clinch the sale.

Ask for additional free space to accompany your advertising. Use this to paint a picture of your business. In other words, the needs you satisfy and the types of customers you attract. Show off your team, how long you’ve been established and any specialisms you have. Add this article to the back of your leaflet, pop it on your website, and have copies in your unit. Make it easy for a prospect to see in seconds why they should use you.

Respond to email enquiries as though the person was in front of you

Be helpful and charming. Let them know how they can buy the products you’re recommending. Being swift to respond with a professional message will elicit a positive response.

Mike Schlup, Managing Director at Kalimex, had this to say on the topic: “When looking for new customers (accessory and parts retailers) we use a combination of tools. Firstly, we identify all potential customers in an area and then target them with a coordinated campaign; usually a first phone call to find out the best contact, then a letter or email, then another phone call to arrange a meeting. Alongside this, we’re running adverts and PR in relevant publications to help push our name and brand to the front of customers’ minds. This combination approach works well.”

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