Delphi Technologies details new e-learning platform

Delphi Technologies details new e-learning platform

Delphi Technologies Academy, the company’s new e-learning platform, is designed to make it easy for aftermarket industry professionals to enhance their skills and keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

The platform, available 24/7 and accessible on almost any device, provides a resource for any ‘front-of-house’ role to deliver timely and accurate technical knowledge, whether in response to a customer enquiry or in support of a workshop looking to tackle a complex task. The ability to customise the system’s interface presents a further opportunity for motor factors and suppliers to expand their offering, helping to drive increased parts sales.

Developed over the last 12 months by the company’s trainers, Delphi Technologies believes the platform maximises the potential to learn from the company’s experience as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier.

In addition, the platform addresses the increasing desire for ‘blended learning’ that complements hands-on classroom-based tuition with virtual training, while also working to overcome the challenges of attending traditional off-site training.

Training in any place, any time

According to Delphi Technologies, the global pandemic has reduced opportunities for training and there is now a backlog as businesses play catch-up, set against the backdrop of heightened sensitivity to costs, availability, and travel – the Delphi Technologies Academy directly addresses these issues by providing access to training materials on any device, including smartphones, and at a more convenient time – even at the point of use where critical technical information is needed.

Because the training can be consumed in any location, the space limitations of classroom-based learning are removed, opening the door for many more people to benefit. The platform’s on-demand nature also opens other opportunities; for example, a motor factor can consult an online video in response to a request from a customer, enabling them to provide knowledgeable advice on almost any topic.

Hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) content from an OEM

The Delphi Technologies Academy covers a wide range of vehicle systems and technologies, including ADAS, exhaust aftertreatment, diesel and petrol fuel systems, vehicle electrics and chassis systems. In addition, there are multiple training modules dedicated to hybrid and EVs, where the need for aftermarket training is at an all-time high, the company said.

Delphi Technologies has developed online hybrid/EV training within its Academy platform. The complete spectrum of topics is covered, from instruction videos on how to safely lift a hybrid/EV through to detailed overviews of the latest OE systems.

Personalised training paths

The platform comprises of eight training categories, offering more than 200 courses, delivering a combination of theory and how-to videos, with new modules being added every three-to-four weeks. Delphi Technologies said each course is designed to cater for the needs of a wide audience, making them suitable for those approaching a topic for the first time, as well as those looking to update their knowledge with the latest practices.

The digital nature of the platform has allowed Delphi Technologies to introduce new features that help delegates engage with the course in an interactive way; for example, diagnostic training is aided by an engine simulator that allows users to replace or isolate different components in a virtual environment to help identify the root cause of an issue.

For delegates following a defined training path, the Delphi Technologies Academy acts as a central hub for the blended learning format, providing everything from a calendar view of available courses to automated access to course notes. For those working towards an Institute of the Motor Industry accreditation, the facility to sit a mock test helps to create confidence in the process, particularly of benefit to those who perhaps have not sat an exam for some time. More complex topics, such as those related to EV maintenance, are unlocked once users have progressed through any required foundation courses.

Sustainable training with global reach

The shift towards digital deployment offers an effective way for any organisation to meet its sustainability goals, according to Delphi Technologies Technical Services Manager, Phil Mitchell.

He said: “The Delphi Technologies Academy is something we’re very excited about and proud of. From feedback, we know it’s something that will be of benefit to all those seeking automotive training, no matter their existing skills, and we are positive that it will be one of the very best online training facilities available in our sector.

“Such is the nature of the industry that there will always be a need for practical training, but an expert online resource will certainly enable many people to expand their skillset with the minimum of fuss. The reach is open-ended and with little more than an internet connection, it will be possible for someone to access Delphi Technologies training wherever they may be in the world.”

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