Ring: RPPL700 Jump Starter Powerpack

Ring: RPPL700 Jump Starter Powerpack

Ring is powering up its range of lithium jump starters with the launch of the RPPL700 Jump Starter Powerpack.

The disruption caused from flat batteries is not only inconvenient, but can also impact on business.

Specifically intended for 12V vehicle batteries, the new product is lightweight and compact without compromising performance. It can carry out multiple jump starts, making it an ideal product for mobile technicians, fleet operators, large garages and vehicle hire businesses.

In addition to the rapid recharging docking station, the RPPL700 has the feature of Rapid Recharge Technology. The user should leave the jump starter connected to the vehicle for 40 seconds after the vehicle starts for 100% recharge. This means that the unit never needs to be fully discharged at any time, ensuring it is ready to use when needed.

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Designed to be more practical than larger industrial-sized units, the RPPL700 contains an array of vital safety features, including protection against:

  • Surges
  • Over and low voltage
  • Reverse polarity
  • Over cranking
  • Short circuiting
  • Battery and switch over temperature levels

To find out more about the RPPL700 Jump Starter Powerpack and Ring’s wider range of products,
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