Tool Connection Names its Popular Products

Tool Connection Names its Popular Products

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up-to-speed with the latest products that are selling well within the aftermarket. This month, Tool Connection highlights some products that could make a difference – if you’re not stocking them already.

Mini Infrared Thermometer

This thermometer (part no: 6838), from Laser Tools, allows the operator to take non- contact temperature measurements by simply pointing the instrument and pressing a button. It is suitable for a wide range of garage and workshop applications.

Infrared thermometers use infrared technology to quickly measure the surface temperature of objects, providing fast temperature readings without physical contact. The Mini Infrared Thermometer can safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without contaminating or damaging the object. It can also provide several readings in seconds, as compared to contact methods where each measurement can take several minutes.

Offset Tool Kit 

When a fastener is buried in the engine bay (or any other inaccessible area), sometimes it’s hard to get a screwdriver or hex key to it, which is where the 10-piece Low Profile Offset tool kit (part number 6709) from Laser Tools comes in.

To offer maximum access in confined spaces, each driver is flat steel with a 15° angled head; they are 15mm wide at the end coming down to just 10mm at the driver head. The depth of the driver bit is 8mm which securely fits the fastener, whether hex or screw, and the 105mm length gives terrific leverage.

The ten drivers include three Star (T20, T30, T40); four hex drivers (4, 5, 6 and 7mm); and three screwdriver bits, Pz1, Pz2 and flat 6mm.

Creeper and Folding Work Mat

The Laser Tools Racing Creeper (part number 6681) is a sturdy workshop creeper. It is manufactured from a reinforced honeycomb structure that makes it light but tough. Tool storage pockets are mounted at the side and easy to access. The creeper has six three-inch wheels, all bearing mounted, for ease of movement on the workshop floor.

The Folding Mechanic’s Mat (part number 6682), is tough but lightweight. Made from sturdy HDPE (high-density polyethylene) material, the upper surface is smoothly padded with soft EVA foam for comfort. The mat is a useful 1060 x 480mm in size, but folds up to just 480 x 265 x 48mm for convenient storage.

Tool and Screwdriver Set

Kamasa has released two tool and screwdriver sets that will cover a wide range of workshop needs.

Tool kit 56105 includes six screwdrivers, three flat and three Phillips, in varying sizes. The magnetic bit driver comes with 19 bits, again in many different sizes and shapes. Two sets of pliers are also in the kit, a standard pair of combination pliers and a pair of 255mm water pump pliers. A mains voltage tester is included as well.

Tool kit 56106 features four flat screwdrivers, four Phillips screwdrivers and two PzDrive screwdrivers. The magnetic bit driver comes with 20 bits, covering many
sizes. Further versatility is added to this kit with nine 1/4″ drive sockets in a range of sizes and a 1/4″ drive socket for the bit driver.

For further information from Laser Tools, click here. 

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