Top Tips for Digital Marketing

Top Tips for Digital Marketing
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PMF talks to Dee Blick, Chartered Marketer for Kalimex, to discuss best practice when marketing a business online.

These days, an online presence is an essential part of a small business’ marketing repertoire. Many SMEs come unstuck in this regard, but constructing a digitl marketing strategy does not have to be as daunting a task as it first appears. After all, it is basically just another form of communication, with many of the rules adhered to when addressing someone face-to-face transferrable to the online world.

Targeted email marketing is a fantastic way of maintaining regular communication with customers. Sending timely, relevant and informative emails to both potential and existing clients helps to build a brand, which as a result, grows your business.

However, simply sending blanket emails is a sure-fire way of driving off those who may potentially be interested in what you are offering. To help avoid this easy pitfall, Dee Blick, Chartered Marketer for Kalimex, has pulled together a checklist of questions that you should ask yourself before clicking the send button:

What is my purpose in sending this email?

Are you introducing a new range of products or promoting your top 10 bestsellers? Is your intention to remind customers that you have
a special deal this Friday, or perhaps that you offer a same day free delivery service? But avoid being a spammer! Sending generic emails every day, on a random basis, with no purpose, will alienate customers and put prospects off.

What format works best?

Why not send out text-only emails to update customers, or attractive image driven emails with product pictures? If you have a special offer, you should consider an image of a voucher, which is likely to have more impact than words only.

How can this be linked back to social media?

Remember that the messages you communicate through email are only a part of your wider digital marketing strategy. Why not adapt them slightly for social media? Using email to direct recipients to a social media platform that holds the latest information is a wise move.

How easy can I make it for people to act on my email?

Include links and contact details so that the recipient has to expend minimal effort should he or she wish to act on your email.

How long should my email be?

Be concise. If your email is likely to be seen on mobile devices, break it up. Bullet points and short sentences in paragraphs of no more than two to three lines are easily digestible. If you are talking about products, try to keep descriptions short and sweet, including the price and any no cost extras.

Does this email warrant a three-pronged approach?

For existing customers, it may be wise to send three communications a few days apart, as follows: you send the initial email, followed by a telephone call the next day, and then an e-shot of your newsletter a few days later reiterating the offer. People don’t always respond the first time they’re asked. They have to be reminded.

With GDPR coming into full force last month, it is vital that your methods of communication are legal. Make sure you are clued up on exactly what you can and can’t do with customer data before using it for marketing purposes, if you don’t, you risk incurring substantial fines.

For more detail on GDPR and what it means for your business, click here

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