Support in the Right Places

Support in the Right Places

Platinum International invests a significant amount to stay ahead of technological developments and provide a high level of customer support, particularly in relation to the company’s logistics solution. Factors should make use of this smooth operation; PMF finds out why.

For Platinum, investment has come in the form of a centralised customer support centre, as well as an in-house IT team to ensure everything runs like clockwork, and last, but by no means least, a logistics tracker designed to keep the process of delivery as efficient as possible.

Valerie Beresford, Marketing Manager at Platinum, explained: “When customers call our centralised customer support centre to find out what time they can expect a delivery, they will be answered by one of our Platinum Ambassadors, all of whom have been trained to deal with any question that comes their way.

“Due to the latest technology, in-vehicle tracking and through significant investment, we have developed specific software, which shows us where our own Platinum driver is and if our driver has encountered any issues. We can also give our customers an estimated time of arrival to help them prepare for the delivery. A scenario where this system really comes into its own is when a driver has encountered something that may delay delivery. Thanks to the tracker, our customer services team can proactively inform the customer that this is the case and provide an updated expected delivery time. On a separate note, the logistics tracker can ‘optimise’ delivery routes, to ensure that our own vehicles are on the most efficient fuel route, not only saving on fuel, but also benefitting the environment.”

Distribution service

Platinum has ten strategically located Customer Support Centres across the UK, which are able to offer up to five deliveries per week, with no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) or Minimum Order Levels (MOL). That means a customer can order either one battery or one 1L of lubricant and it could be there the next day.

The National Distribution Centre (NDC) in Corby is used to ensure that every one of Platinum’s Customer Support Centres has the right level of stock. If one of the centres is low on stock, then the NDC will send an overnight shipment to that location so that the stocks can be replenished.

Throughout the course of the year, the company will have up to 70 vehicles on the road, delivering orders and collecting any warranties or scrap from customers.

Valerie remarked: “We believe our people are the real difference in our logistics solution, in today’s world of outsourced logistics services. Our Customer Support Centre teams and Platinum drivers are fully invested and committed to delivering a Platinum service; right first time, every time, by people who really care about making us an easy company to do business with.”

Environmentally minded

Part of Platinum’s philosophy is a dedication to reducing environmental impact in the manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of its products.

Valerie continued: “Our planet provides us with astounding resources, which gives us the opportunity to produce our products and power our company. We must protect the environment that we work and live in. After all, a healthy planet and a healthy community go hand in hand.

“For this reason, we provide a ‘cradle to grave’ solution for our customers. Not only do we supply the latest stop-start batteries, specifically designed to reduce the vehicle’s CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, but we also focus on recovering the old ‘replaced battery’ and recycling it via our legally compliant, environmentally friendly, Eco-Life scheme.”

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