Prevention vs Cure

Prevention vs Cure

PMF talks to Andy Amor, Sales & Marketing Manager for Revive Turbo Cleaner, about why prevention is better than a cure and how motor factors can use this argument when upselling.

Technicians should take on board Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Generally speaking, if they know that something, say, soot deposit build-up, is inevitable, then it is better to take a precautionary step rather than wait for it to happen and then take action.

Andy Amor, Sales & Marketing Manager for Revive, explained, “We live in a society where we wait until the oil light comes on before we check the oil, or TPMS light before we check the tyre pressures. Waiting for the engine management light to come on is no different.

“Driving a diesel car in the wrong environment, using cheaper fuels and idling for long periods of time due to congestion, will inevitably lead to power degradation caused by soot and carbon deposits. This can go unnoticed and if ignored, will lead to expensive repairs. Minimising soot deposit build-up will allow the engine to breathe and, in turn, lower emissions, maintain performance, return a benefit in fuel economy and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

“Having a car serviced is a preventative process. Changing the engine oil regularly will reduce engine temperatures, engine wear and keep oil galleries and breathers free from debris build-up. Checking the tyre pressures regularly will prevent premature tyre wear, and keeping the inside of the engine clean from soot deposit build-up should be an even higher priority. With all these preventative maintenance scenarios, it is an education process and the time taken explaining the benefits to your customers, who in- turn educate vehicle owners, will be offset by long term customer retention and increased revenue.” 

Revive Service Shot

Revive Service Shot is a 300ml preventative maintenance treatment. It is an ideal product to offer customers as an additional service and is recommended to be used before every oil service, to minimise soot and carbon deposit build-up inside the engine, specifically within the variable geometry mechanism inside the turbocharger on diesel engines.

The product is a safe aqueous-based, non-caustic, non-flammable and pH neutral fluid and when applied at velocity through the combustion process, locks on to soot and carbon deposits and removes them in tiny particles. These particles are no larger than the soot particles the engine naturally generates, making it safe to use on vehicles fitted with catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters.

To find out more about Revive Turbo Cleaner, or how to become a distributor, click here, or call 01225 701920.

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