Optimal takes a look at hybrid and electric vehicles

Optimal takes a look at hybrid and electric vehicles

Steve Ellesmore, Business Development at Optimal UK, discusses how, with the growing presence of hybrid and electric vehicles in the aftermarket, the company can assist motor factors in stocking the appropriate parts.

The global vehicle market has changed over the last few years, with hybrid and electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular. With this in mind, it is vital for motor factors to stay up to date and be able to provide the right solutions for these newer makes and models. This is where Optimal UK is able to help! We have a range of more than 2,000 references available, covering the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

Optimal UK’s new range of parts for hybrid and electric vehicles includes steering and suspension components, braking parts, sensors, water pumps, shock absorbers, wheel bearings and more. We are able to offer motor factors the necessary solution for their hybrid and electric needs.

There are more than 45 manufacturers in the hybrid and electric market, with more than 200 models now available to buyers. With developments being made on a regular basis, this is an increasingly comprehensive area of the market. The UK aftermarket has to keep up to date with this.

There are now a range of hybrid vehicles available, including standard hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. All use the same principle of running both petrol and electric engines, meaning they are cleaner, and subsequently better for the environment. Although hybrids can be expensive, many buyers are swayed by the lower level of maintenance they require. Although this may not stand in good stead for motor factors, it is important that they are ready.

Unlike hybrids, electric vehicles are powered by an electrically charged battery pack, which is one of their most appealing aspects. With fewer moving parts, they are lower maintenance than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, and although this is a clear bonus for consumers, this may not be a particularly good thing for motor factors, as was the case with hybrid vehicles. However, wear and tear is normal with all vehicles and electric/hybrids are no exception!

Our steering and suspension components are TÜV Certified to ensure the highest quality, with the range covering more than 8,500 references, including those for hybrid and electric vehicles. With this in mind, we feel that we are able to provide the best quality steering parts for your requirements.

Optimal’s water pump range is accompanied by the Dolz range. Dolz has been manufacturing water pumps for more than 80 years on a global scale. The company regards standards and quality as highly as we do, and its latest additions allow us to cover a wider market and ensure we have the right solution.

With a vast range of products available and to keep up with the changes in the market, motor factors have to be prepared, and with Optimal UK, they can be!

For more information on how Optimal UK can serve your hybrid and electric vehicle requirements, click here.

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