Arnott Europe Air Suspension Parts

Arnott Europe Air Suspension Parts

PMF takes a look at Arnott Europe’s air suspension parts that are available in the aftermarket.

Did you know that it’s not always necessary to replace the entire air strut of a car when only the air spring is worn out? Arnott has developed multiple air springs that allow for an economical replacement of just the air spring portion of the dry-rotted air suspension shock. This is a more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly option for factor customers, while ensuring that the same damping is maintained on both sides of the car. The special design provides a safer and more user-friendly installation for technicians because it contains an upper screwcap instead of the traditional pressure cap with retaining clip. Installing the upper cap is done by just screwing it in and it avoids the risk of the upper cap blowing out once the air spring is inflated. As usual, factors do not have to worry about installation questions because this product comes with all the necessary information and materials to ensure an easy and safe removal and installation.


With Arnott’s air compressors for the BMW 5- Series E61 and BMW X5 E70/X6 E71, factors can offer customers a complete solution. The company does not deliver just the bodies of the compressor, but everything a factor needs to sell a true ‘plug and play’ solution to its customers. Arnott’s compressors come complete with a mounting bracket, valve block, intake air hose, electrical connectors and relay, enabling a fast installation which will satisfy customers.


Also available in the aftermarket is a heavy-duty air spring for Audi A6 C5/4B models. An evolution from the original air spring, this product features an aircraft-quality aluminum top, heavy duty crimping ring, new air fittings, seals, O- Ring and an aluminum outer sleeve designed to increase the spring rate while still providing a smooth, controlled ride. Unlike factory- installed air springs, this air spring is specifically designed for off-road use and carrying heavy loads.


The company also provides rear air springs for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211. The Mercedes rear air springs simplify installation by eliminating the OE reservoir. The function of the separate reservoir has been integrated into the design, so the mechanics do not have to lower the complete rear end. This feature significantly reduces the eight hour installation time, saving them six to seven hours of labour.

Land Rover

Arnott’s advanced Land Rover front air spring for the L322 and MK-III Range Rover features a precision CNC-machined upper cap and bearing assembly crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum. The aftermarket Range Rover air spring also includes Arnott’s patented upper mount and bearing design with no external lines so it is not as prone to failure. This patented top mount has a certified weight capacity of more than 45,000kg.

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