The Training Revolution

The Training Revolution

With both Midwest Motor Factors and Monmore Auto Parts announcing details of their latest training opportunity around hybrid technology vehicles for garages, Group Factor Manager, Craig McCracken, explains the importance of helping equip technicians with the right specialist skills, and urges other factors to follow suit.

The shift to hybrid and electric technology is well underway, with more and more hybrid and electric vehicles taking to the road. This has triggered an increase in the amount of training courses available and has subsequently attracted an overwhelming response from garages, all hungry to gain invaluable insight into hybrid and EV technology, as well as giving more technicians the EV confidence they need in the workplace.

While more factors are offering training for technicians, such is the appetite among garages to attend that if they haven’t done so already, now is the time for other factors to jump aboard ‘the revolution’ and seize the vital opportunity presented.

Wolverhampton-based Midwest Motor Factors has teamed up with local training partners, GTG, to offer a two-day IMI- accredited training course, and is even further incentivising garage businesses by offering a 10% discount.

The IMI Accreditation Electric Vehicle Technician course is geared for technicians whose job role involves the inspection, maintenance and repair of light vehicles, as well as those involved in accident repair body shops (IE MET, Panel, Paint, VDA). Candidates have to successfully complete a range of practical and knowledge-based assessments. IMI Accreditation is achieved through full assessment, which involves the completion of all-practical and knowledge- based assessment at each level.

The course is available on various dates throughout the year, and covers all aspects of hybrid and electric vehicle systems, from operations to diagnostics, and includes safe working practices when servicing and repairing. Technicians receive an IMI accredited certificate and inclusion on the IMI professional register upon successful completion, alongside industry-wide recognition of their skills and abilities.

The aim is to boost confidence through advice and guidance, and to offer the ideal opportunity for career progression. “It is this training template that should be more prevalent throughout the industry,” says Craig McCracken, Group Factor Manager.

He explains, “With the hybrid vehicle revolution coming, it is crucial for all garages and their technicians to be armed with the most up-to-date technical expertise to adequately deal with the challenges ahead.”

Craig adds, “We’ve already received a high number of bookings, reflecting the popularity of such an important industry topic. We’re not only urging more garages to sign up to reap the benefits from our specialist training, but also strongly recommend that more factors offer this training opportunity, to ensure that garages all across the UK are fully prepared, practically and mentally, for the sweeping technological developments that are now happening.”

To search the courses available from the IMI, click here. 

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