Laser Tools introduces trio of products for toolkits

Laser Tools introduces trio of products for toolkits

Laser Tools has unveiled products designed to enhance the toolkits of professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts alike. Available now for you to stock and sell, these tools have been designed to streamline and simplify tasks.

Magnetic tool holder set

Designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution for tool organisation, this new set (part number 8657) offers a comprehensive and convenient solution.

It includes four magnetic holders, constructed from durable Laser-blue, powder-coated steel, and equipped with strong magnets to securely attach to tool cabinets, metal storage units, or any ferrous surface. Each magnet is thoughtfully designed with a protective cover to prevent scratches.

The set includes two storage trays, perfect for organising hand tools, parts, and components: the short storage tray measures 150 x 110 x 120mm and has a load capacity of 0.6kgs; the long storage tray measures 310 x 110 x 120mm and can support a load of 1.17kgs. These trays are suitable for organising hand tools, parts, and components, allowing for easy access and efficient workflow.

The set also features a canholder designed to accommodate three aerosol cans, with seven additional holes for storing screwdrivers. A paper towel holder is also included, measuring 102 x 130 x 83mm, with a load capacity of 0.64kgs. This feature ensures that paper towels are readily accessible for quick and easy clean-ups.

Laser Tools

Hand-held brake-pipe flaring tool

This versatile item (part number 8641) is designed to effortlessly form both SAE single and double flares in 3/16” (4.75mm) copper and cupronickel brake pipes. Its compact design makes it ideal for on-vehicle use, fitting snugly in tight spaces, such as engine bays or wheel arches, during brake pipe replacements or repairs.

Not only is the tool suitable for on-vehicle use, but it is also adaptable for off-vehicle applications. This makes it a valuable addition to a workshop, providing flexibility in brake-pipe flaring tasks. To ensure smooth operation, a high-pressure punch grease is included, specifically formulated to lubricate the friction surfaces of the punch and tool.

The tool is engineered to simplify the process of forming SAE single and double flares with ease and precision. Whether on or off the vehicle, this tool is a “must-have” for the professional technician or automotive enthusiast.

Laser Tools

Fuel pump wrench

Part number 8505 is designed bespoke for the in-tank mounted fuel pumps on Audi A4 (2002- 2004) and A6 models (1990 to 2004).

Engineered to easily remove and refit these in-tank pumps, with its 1/2” drive compatibility, the fuel pump wrench integrates with existing socketry, enabling swift and effective fuel pump maintenance. The Laser Tools 8505 is equivalent to OEM 3307, assuring optimal performance and reliability. Technicians are advised to refer to and follow the instructions provided by the OEM when using the fuel pump wrench, ensuring the utmost safety and precision.

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