Sealey launches air operated coil spring compressor

Sealey launches air operated coil spring compressor

Sealey has launched its 3000kg air operated coil spring compressor, with precision and safety being the focus behind the design.

In the fast-paced world of automotive maintenance and repair, precision and safety are the cornerstones of success. Whether you’re selling to a seasoned mechanic or a novice technician, the right tools can make all the difference in helping them deliver a topnotch service.

That’s why Sealey is delighted to introduce its latest innovation: a 3000kg air operated coil spring compressor, designed to provide fast and secure compression of suspension coil springs, elevating efficiency and safety in the workshop.

Fast and safe compression:

The RE3000 ensures swift and secure compression of suspension coil springs, thus saving valuable time during vehicle maintenance. With this innovative tool at technicians’ disposal, they can streamline their workflow, increase efficiency, and elevate the level of safety in their workshop.

Robust construction:

Built with durability in mind, the RE3000 boasts a maximum load capacity of 3000kg. It is a true workhorse; it is designed to handle the toughest suspension coil spring jobs.

Safety first:

Safety is one of the pillars of the automotive industry, and the RE3000 prioritises this above all else. Equipped with a safety locking guard, this compressor minimises the risk of accidents during operation. Peace of mind is Sealey’s priority, allowing technicians to focus on the task at hand with confidence.

Versatile design:

One size rarely fits all in the automotive world, which is why the RE3000 comes with adjustable swivel upper arm clamps and a suspension strut clamp. This versatility makes it compatible with a wide range of left and right-handed coil spring configurations and diameters.

Sealey coil spring compressor

Ease of use:

The RE3000 simplifies operation with its foot pedal actuation system. This feature allows for precise control over the compression process, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

High-pressure performance:

Operating at a maximum air pressure of 145psi (10 bar), the RE3000 offers efficient and effective compression. Its high-pressure performance ensures that technicians can tackle even the most challenging suspension coil spring jobs with ease.

Expand the toolkit:

Sealey also offers a range of optional accessories to enhance capabilities further. The RE01 Right-Handed Yoke Small, RE02 Right-Handed Yoke, RE03 Left-Handed Yoke, and RE04 Upper Coil Spring Bracket (accessories sold separately) can complement the RE3000.

Sealey is confident the RE3000 is a true game-changer for automotive professionals, offering the perfect balance of power, safety, and versatility. Whether technicians are servicing a compact car or a heavy-duty truck, this compressor is meticulously designed to meet their needs. In an industry that continues to evolve rapidly, Sealey claimed its commitment to providing innovative solutions remains unwavering and the RE3000 exemplifies its dedication to delivering high-quality tools that empower technicians to excel in their craft.

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