BM Catalysts’ product development and manufacturing

BM Catalysts’ product development and manufacturing

In part one of PMF’s interview with Mark Blinston of BM Catalysts, we get the inside scoop on the company’s product development and manufacturing processes.

A life without challenges would be boring, right? That’s the view of BM Catalysts Commercial Director, Mark Blinston, who delves into the heart of the company’s commitment to providing quality components to meet ever-evolving needs.

Q. Can BM Catalysts offer a summary of its year so far?

A. “It’s been an incredibly busy year so far. Time seems to be flying! We’ve seen DPF sales increase dramatically in European markets that have introduced the new particulate number testing, which is also likely to be introduced to the UK market in the future. Furthermore, we’ve expanded our selective catalyst reduction (SCR) range, which has been a real success. Aside from that, we’ve seen overall sales increase at pace, whilst we’re working hard to continue developing tomorrow’s range of products. In summary, it’s been a fantastic first three quarters.”

Q. Can you explain the key factors that motor factors should consider when selecting catalytic converters and exhaust components for their customers?

A. “The most important aspect is to ensure you are supplying the correct part for the correct vehicle. This means matching up the customer’s vehicle requirements with a quality product that meets the legal requirements in terms of type approval.”

Q. How has the evolution of emission regulations impacted BM Catalysts’ product development and offerings?

A. “As emissions regulations have gotten tougher over the years, it’s now much harder than ever before to develop new parts. The systems are far more complicated and there are different technologies being used – SCR, petrol particulate filters (GPFs), lean NOx traps (LNTs) and ammonia slip catalysts (ASCs), for example. Fortunately, we have an industry-leading product development department, along with the scale, to cope with these challenges, and we know what’s happening here behind the scenes in terms of product development. Watch this space!”

BM Catalysts' product development

Q. In terms of product quality and performance, what quality control measures does BM Catalysts employ in its manufacturing process?

A. “We believe we have best-in-class levels of quality. This can only be achieved through a process of continual improvement, investment in new technology, processes, people and, above all, control over every aspect of the production process. It’s known within the industry that our component and product traceability through our unique serial number system gives us those controls.”

Q. What is your approach to offering a wide range of catalytic converters and exhaust components to cater to various vehicle makes and models?

A. “Our objective is to create the widest range in the market so that when a vehicle requires a hot end emissions control product, there is a high chance it can be fitted with one of our products. Whilst we can’t physically develop every single part number, we do continue to maintain the widest range in Europe, coupled with industry-leading availability and the widest distribution network.”

Keep an eye out for part two!

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