BM Catalysts on how it anticipates future challenges

BM Catalysts on how it anticipates future challenges

In part two of our interview with Mark Blinston of BM Catalysts, the Commercial Director shares how the company anticipates future challenges within the ever-changing automotive landscape.

Q. How does BM Catalysts stay up to date with the latest automotive technologies and trends, and how does this knowledge translate into your product line-up?

A. “We have some very clever people behind the scenes who constantly monitor and understand the latest technologies and trends. Their job is to then work out how we can find solutions for those systems in advance of them entering the aftermarket. It’s a never-ending process.”

Q. Can you discuss any innovations or advancements in catalytic converter technology that motor factors should be aware of when serving their customers?

A. “Only that there are lots of new product technologies entering the aftermarket in the coming years, such as GPFs, LNTs, and ASCs, to name a few.”

Q. What kind of technical support, training, and resources do you offer to motor factors?

A. “We provide a wide variety of support, training and resources depending on the needs of the motor factor. We have a dedicated product support line to offer advice and assistance on our products. We also offer face-to-face product or sales training, plus a range of product/technical POS. We’re also working on some new e-learning options for 2024.”

BM Catalysts future challenges

Q. In a rapidly changing automotive landscape, how does BM Catalysts anticipate future challenges and adapt to meet the needs of motor factors and their customers?

A. “We welcome challenges. Life would be boring without them, right? We’re confident we have the resources in place to meet future challenges head on. The business continues to grow, but our dynamic approach allows us to adapt to whatever challenges come our way.

“Because of the way we work, we have seen a huge increase in sales but with no impact on availability. We say: ‘the harder it is, the better we become,’ which means the aftermarket can trust us to help them navigate all of the changes and challenges that are ahead.”

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