Kalimex argues JLM Drive is a passport to repeat sales

Kalimex argues JLM Drive is a passport to repeat sales

Included in January’s issue was the latest JLM Drive. This annual, 60- page, full colour magazine – now in its sixth edition – is produced by JLM Lubricants, trade-trusted in 46 countries. Here’s Mike Schlup, the managing director of Kalimex – the UK distributor of the JLM Lubricants range – to tell you more.

Thousands of technicians worldwide use JLM Lubricants in tank additives and toolkits, with the brand signing up to the trend of ‘repair over replace’ and ‘products over parts’.

Kalimex sells JLM Lubricants through you, the professional motor factor stockist, supporting with regular promotions, merchandise, and tailored marketing campaigns, helping to drive business to your door.

Flicking through…

Dive inside the pages of Drive 6 to discover the complete JLM product catalogue, including the double page centre fold showing the JLM products matched to the car part. This is so popular that many of our stockists send it to their trade customers. Ask us for a PDF so you can use it as an appealing promotional tool for your trade customers too.

On page six, you’ll find a thought-provoking article by independent motoring journalist Rob Marshall. Rob puts forward the case for in-tank additives and explains why high-quality additives are growing in demand. If you’re new to JLM Lubricants, check out the products in Rob’s article and, of course, we’d be delighted to talk to you about a starter pack of JLM bestsellers.

Move on to page nine to discover the JLM products that technicians are using, while on page 24, find out why Gilbert Groot, JLM founder, warns against fake products. He also shares his vision for the brand he founded 13 years ago.

JLM Drive

Page 32 is an article which examines the key findings from a Castrol-commissioned survey. This survey revealed the many opportunities for garages to upsell additives to their customers. If you sell to the trade, this article could be of huge benefit.

There’s a colourful double page feature on the Legends Racing Elite Cup in the UK, sponsored by JLM Lubricants, spread across pages 40 and 41.

Turn the page once more, the next article is worthy of a deep dive because you can discover the case for additives, as part of the worldwide drive to reduce the number of cars destined for landfill – simply because they have not been well maintained and serviced. There’s more on this hot topic on page 48, which examines the spike in demand for highquality additives. If you had to choose just one article in JLM Drive to promote to your trade customers – putting forward the case for additives in the workshop today – make it this one!

We are confident that JLM Drive is not just an interesting read, it’s your passport to building a revenue stream that will increase, as you introduce JLM Lubricants to your trade customers – through your e-marketing, regular promotions and in your telemarketing calls.

If you would like copies for your trade counter and for any planned trade promotions, don’t hesitate to ask!

For more information about JLM Lubricants, click here.

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