Hella Gutmann extends mega macs X finance offer

Hella Gutmann extends mega macs X finance offer

HELLA has extended its mega macs X finance offer to workshops – available through distributors and the manufacturer itself – with monthly payment plans available. The company has lauded the decision as an “affordable way” for workshops to futureproof their business.

Over several decades, Hella Gutmann has consistently developed tools that have allowed independent workshops to tackle the various service and repair requirements that have become necessary with modern vehicle design.

From a diagnostic perspective, Hella Gutmann believes the mega macs range has been at the forefront of the technology and with products such as the mega macs X and the macsRemote, that trend continues. During this process, it also provides valuable workshop solutions, not just in the here and now, but for the future, thus ensuring that they can compete effectively over the long-term.

However, Hella Gutmann’s experience of Automechanika Birmingham illustrated that its vision extends beyond the equipment – but also the means to access it cost-effectively, which is why the company has unveiled a “highly-competitive” finance option.

Initially introduced as a show offer to allow both workshops and technicians at the event to quickly turn interest into ownership, the response was so positive that the initiative has been extended to become another Hella Gutmann option, offered alongside its unique modular licenced data package formula.

As a result, as well as selecting the level of capability that the tool is required to provide, in terms of the work that it typically undertakes, the workshop can now also purchase the equipment at a competitive rate, over a longer period, to fit within a defined budget. In turn, Hella Gutmann is confident this strategic decision, allowing technicians to get their hands on their chosen diagnostic tools, will boost workshops’ efficiency and profitability.

Hella finance offer

Hella Gutmann UK Sales Manager, Julian Goulding, said: “We have long been able to provide workshops with world-class diagnostic solutions, but with this move, we can now make ownership even more achievable.

“The initial scheme is a three-year option offering that can be applied to our X3 and X5 licences. Starting at £49 per week, workshops will receive a mega macs X with an X3 software package, as well as an Android tablet. Increase to £59 per week and the mega macs X will come with X5 enhanced data, a Flex 10b rugged tablet plus a macsRemote. However, the ultimate option, at only £75 per week, also includes a MT-HV Pro high and low voltage measure module, which allows workshops to safely discharge high voltage systems and work on hybrid and EVs! And each offer also includes the licence renewal for the full three-year period.

“It is vital for the aftermarket – motor factors and ourselves included – that independent garages invest in diagnostics and training now. This will give them the ability to take on jobs involving the latest technologies, such as ADAS and EV. These technologies are no longer restricted to new vehicles and the service opportunity on them exists today. We are committed to working with the factors to upskill the independent garages and this finance offer is just one aspect of our support.”

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