VLS escalates Silverhook case to Trading Standards

VLS escalates Silverhook case to Trading Standards

VLS has escalated a complaint regarding Silverhook 5W30 Supreme Plus to Trading Standards after it claimed the company failed to bring the product into compliance.

The case (VLS 010195) was opened in August 2023 after VLS received a complaint alleging that the Silverhook product was making erroneous claims, such as Ford, BMW, Dexos, with no supporting manufacturer specifications or numbers. The complainant also claimed that it was unlikely that all the bespoke additive packs for each of these specifications could be included in one oil.

VLS reviewed and upheld the complaint, as it said the claims were not specific and required clarification. Some claims were also mutually exclusive. The sulphated ash requirements of ACEA C2/C3 are not compatible with a VW 502.00/505.00 claim.

API SP is an incompatible claim with VW 502.00/505.00 due to the mutually exclusive phosphorous limits.

VLS disclosed that it is “not aware” of a proven technology that can support PSA B71 2290 and API SP with the claim against VW 504.00/507.00.

The Lubricant Marketer responded to the complaint; however, VLS considered that the response was insufficient, the complaint was not fully resolved and concluded the investigation.

In May 2024, VLS undertook a six-month review of the case, in line with its stated process. The Technical Review Panel had concerns about the product meeting the fuel economy requirements of ACEA C2 and ILSAC GF-6 whilst meeting the tough durability requirements of VW 504.00/507.00. Evidence of support for PSA B71 2290 (ACEA C2/C3 based) had still not been provided.

VLS added that other inconsistencies in the performance claims were still present, as well as several inaccurate performance claims, detailed under the heading ‘Recommended by Silverhook for applications requiring’, which VLS claimed was “ambiguous at best”.

Consequently, VLS believes that the product is still non-compliant and is reporting it to its Primary Authority partner, Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards and to SAIL-Europe under the EELQMS Lubricant Marketer Letter of Conformance for claims made against the ACEA engine oil sequences.

In response, Silverhook told Professional Motor Factor: “A large volume of this engine oil is not only sold in the UK but exported to the Far East which relates to the API specification. PSA B71 2290 and API SP with the claim against VW 504.00/507.00, and C2/C3 plus VW502/VW505 are also being marketed by members of the VLS.  

“We have been selling oil for many years, and data is updated with the evolution of new technology. 

“Silverhook has been honoured with the Queen’s Award, one of just 226 organisations nationally to be recognised for excellence and international trade. Silverhook is expanding with a new factory starting next month and is in the process of commissioning an additional 50,000L blending facility.”

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