How Partsfinder can help you find the right spare part

How Partsfinder can help you find the right spare part

Is finding the right spare part like searching for a needle in a haystack? Well, the bilstein group, responsible for the febi and Blue Print ranges, believes Partsfinder, the online parts search engine, makes this potentially daunting task a simple and accurate one. Linda Evans, head of product, pricing and marketing, reveals how:

Gone are the days of scrolling and frustration; Partsfinder boasts a comprehensive database featuring over 62,000 products from the Bilstein group, covering everything from ABS sensors to water pumps. This advanced search engine simplifies the process by offering direct access to the desired parts, all within a few clicks.

At the heart of Partsfinder lies its intuitive search functionality. Users can simply input a spare part description, and the system swiftly delivers accurate results, ensuring that the desired component is never more than three clicks away. Additionally, the platform offers various search options to cater to diverse needs, including detailed product information, repair kit references, and safety data sheets.

One of the standout features of Partsfinder is its accessibility. While registration is optional, registered users gain access to exclusive functions, such as the expert filter, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, existing customers can easily place orders directly through theplatform, streamlining the procurement process.

Moreover, Partsfinder prioritises user convenience through innovative features like VIN lock. By entering a vehicle registration number, users can retrieve the Vehicle Identity Number, facilitating accurate part identification and compatibility.

In an era of ‘seamless connectivity’, Partsfinder facilitates easy information Sharing via WhatsApp, allowing users to swiftly share details about individual parts with others. Also, the platform offers practical tools, like Parking Space, letting users store vehicle information for quick reference, and Favourite Articles, allowing frequent spare parts to be saved for easy access.

Bilstein group Partsfinder

Introducing FANS…

Furthermore, Partsfinder encourages user participation through FANS (Future Article Notificaton System). This feature permits users to contribute to the ongoing development of the bilstein group’s product range by providing feedback on missing parts. Whether it’s supplying OE reference numbers or vehicle registration details, user input is invaluable in ensuring that the product range remains comprehensive and up-to-date.


Partsfinder represents a significant leap forward in spare parts procurement. With its user-friendly interface, extensive database, and innovative features, it has improved the way users search for and acquire bilstein group’s array of components.

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