AAG announces merger of FPS and Platinum

AAG announces merger of FPS and Platinum

Alliance Automotive Group UK and Ireland (AAG) has announced a milestone in its growth and development journey, through the merging of FPS Distribution and Platinum International.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, AAG is said to be committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing the best possible service to its customers.

From 1st January 2024, Platinum International will merge with FPS Distribution, reportedly marking a pivotal moment for the group. By combining the strengths of these two companies, both of which claim to have a rich heritage in the automotive industry, it is said that AAG will be able to offer an even more extensive product and service range to its customers. Apparently, this will be achieved through a broader stock profile, increased product range, and centralisation of IT systems.

Steve Richardson, AAG Managing Director, said: “Both FPS and Platinum are names synonymous with excellent service and market leading logistics, so it makes sense to bring these entities together as part of the group’s development. The integration delivers a more effective and efficient solution for our customers, making us even easier to deal with and creating a much stronger offering for the future.”

Following the merger, Platinum will no longer exist as a separate trading entity, however, it is said that Platinum Batteries will remain a key brand for AAG’s customers. Moving forward, FPS will be the exclusive distributor of both Platinum and FPS product ranges, supposedly ensuring that customers continue to have access to high-quality products and services.

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